Friday, April 21, 2017

Lock Down & Stir Crazy

Hey Everyone!

As missionaries, and even just being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, sometimes we have a lot of meetings to attend.  Sometimes we let this be a discouragement or to let them drag us down.  We all have a lot of hustle and bustle in our lives.  Going to meetings in the Church though is making time for the Lord and he will bless you(Proverbs 3:5-6).  Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles says "Try taking the word meeting out of meetings. Look at them rather as opportunities to receive revelation".  Look at them as a time to feel the spirit, Gods love and influence, in your life.

Well not to much happened this past week.  Partially due to the bad weather we had down here.  One day we had sirens going off for Tornado warnings and we are asked to stay inside when that occurs.  Then another day there was all sorts of unrest among the locals about the weather.  The Mission President ended up asking all of us to stay inside the whole day then too.  There were some Tornados that happened but no where near me.  Well, no where near enough to affect me.  There was one in Gordon,GA that is at the bottom of our area.  Staying inside we got way bored and stir crazy but we made it through!

Then one day we had a lot of plans to knock doors.  With knocking doors there need to be breaks and moments of silly to keep motivated.  Elder Davis and I have decided to start bringing snacks and make silly videos.  Also while we were knocking doors in a boony neighborhood there was a nice trail into the woods we decided to explore for a moment.  We found some sweet boulders to play on.

This morning we went into Macon, GA with the McOmbers, the elderly couple serving here in Grey.  We went over to the Ocmulgee National Monument.  It is a site of Indian Mounds.  Mounds that were built around 1000 years ago.  These mounds were built  as places to place temples, houses, crops, and burials.  We got to go walk around and explore.  They had a cool visitors center with artifacts and a video, telling all about the people who made these.  The great temple mound is 55 feet tall and covers 2 acres and was created basket after basket of earth till the mound was built.  It truly is fascinating the effort put into these.  One mound they found had an inner chamber.  They reconstructed the interior structure but the floor was original(1000 years old) and left alone.  It is built so that twice a year on Oct 22nd and Feb 22nd the sun rises just right that it goes through the entrance tunnel and hits the chief's seat.  Everything was set up with the sky and unbelievably on point!

Mom: Haha yeah there has been some crazy weather here this last week but nothing too big from what I have seen.  That will be nice having Trav there I bet, and I know he has to be way excited about Fast and Furious 8.  Those are a lot of appointments.  I am glad you go them all done though and that you made it alive and caught up. Oh and make sure to thank Tali for the Help in the weather!:p (Last week she was joking about an earth quake in GA to tease me, & this week on the news there was one!!  I told her it was her fault!) She was a weather girl on the news that one morning right?  Love you mom!

G4: Georgia, Peach, and Hey Hey huh?  Well I am here so I approve!:p  And wow that sounds like a treasure find! (Old book/record shop closing) And a fun shopping spree!   I am way Jelly of the Adidas slides (shoes)!!!! Love you Grace!

Tay: What Ridgeview stole our choir festival!:p  Who is this chick?  Maybe I will know her if I see her?  Make sure to send pictures from Prom and good luck on the song. If someone records it send it to me!  Haha dude look at us softball studs!!! We did not have a game last week because it was spring break here, but we have another one on Friday!!! Catch up on homework! Love you Tay!!  

Tali: I am glad that you had fun at the social and with Teagan and at the movies!!!!! You are awesome!!! I love you Tali!

Dad: I am glad that you and Tay got to go and have some guy time as you are now overrun with the girls.  And sounds like some good treasures.  I would not pay 4500 for that.  But hey it would be good for Tay if he got a Job!  you and Mom should start looking for good jobs for me when I get back!  I am glad tay liked softball! I love you dad!!!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

Views from off the top of the Great temple mound
There are mounds similar to this all over the east.  From Florida up and over to Ohio and Michigan and all over in between.  And yeah a lot of the stuff reminded me of that too! (Chichen Itza) 

Macon in the distance
Ocmulgee River
Great Temple Mound

Civil War Trench 

Reenacting the 1st Vision

McOmbers a the mound
View from temple mound over the rest of the park

Pottery all found at the mounds
A headdress with mountain lion jaw bones

                                                Inside view of entrance to earth hut
Inside of the earth hut
The floor of the earth hut is 1000 yrs old

All artifacts were found here!

Legg says "How" from Georgia

Savage me
Corn Field Mound

On the inside here that hole is the center of the hut and a fireplace.  That thing in front is an eagle.  You can see the lip around the edge those are seats and there are 47 of them.  Then on the eagle there are 3 seats. The chiefs in the middle that hast the sun hit in on the 22nd of Oct and Feb.  All the seats go around the edge all of the way around and the door is behind me. from the door to the chief's seat each seat gets wider and slightly higher establishing rank. It is pretty cool!

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