Friday, March 24, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day & BonFIRE!

Hey everyone!

How mighty is the power of prayer?  well you must also ask how mighty is the power of the Father to whom you are praying?  As we pray we should keep this in mind.  We should address our Heavenly Father as we are approaching his throne, because we are.  Many want answers and miracles but never give time for answers to come or opportunities for miracles to spark.  For answers we need to have a quietness about us, President Eyring said.  This quietness is a quietness of our own wills to give place for acceptance to do the lords will.  When we give this gift to God the flood gates are opened and answers and miracles will be seen. So how mighty is the power of Prayer?  Try these tips and allow it the chance to show you!  I know you will find what you are looking for because i have!

we did a lot of service this week and some how most of it revolved around burning.  Sense in GA you can not burn except for during the winter everyone is trying to get it done. The last day to burn here is April 1st.  Our first burn was on a cool brisk morning when the night before it had gotten to 26 degrees.  The member we were burning for had all frozen hoses.  They do not deal with that very often down here and so he was very grateful when I knew how to take care of it from my experience of frozen horse watering hoses. we got it all de-thawed and and started a bonfire that went like 30 feet high. That one burned for 3 days straight!  our second one we got to rake their back yard and then started a big fire with all of the leaves from the fall and winter.  and it started to rain while we were raking and burning and we got so soaked and dirty.  After though a member invited us over for a hot Chili lunch that was so good!  Then they gave us jars of home made canned chili and jams and fruits.   Then the third fire we did yet another bonfire but once it had burned down some and had good coals. We roasted some hot dogs and s'mores on that one.

We also cleaned out a truck. That same truck I went all He-Man on last week well it had been sitting for like 56 years before it was revived and so it had mold and mildew and dirt and dust and all kinds of nasty in it.  We went over and spent 2 1/2 hours scrubbing that baby down and it is much better but still a little grungy.  I feel better about riding in it now though!

we had a stake Priesthood meeting last night.  The stake presidency councilors spoke to us.  The second councilor spoke on the importance of DAILY family prayers and scripture study.  How it is hard and how there are many things in the way but if something is a priority you make time! how we need to understand the efforts put into getting these scriptures into our hands today!  the deaths, wars, and hard ships in wildernesses of the scriptural prophets to preserve these records for our benefit, IF WE READ THEM. The threats, tar and feathers, and mob persecution in the early church so we can have these sacred records of the lords dealings with ancient people to learn from! he challenged the families here and I challenge all who read this to start today. Open to the first pages and gather your families whether they consist of many or you and start reading Daily!

Mom: Good job mom and congrats at winning the musical Chairs!!!  and awesome I will be looking for the package next week. I can not believe it is already spring break time! I am glad that you had fun with the girls and they got to take you out for lunch.  and I hope you are feeling better today!! I love you mom!

Tali: good job on grades sis keep it up! ewww poopy diapers!  well a bad day of fishing is still better then a good day of work so atleast you have that!  How does the softball team look? I have my first game tomorrow so wish me luck ok?  tag in the stores?  that sounds way awesome!!! I love you sis!

G4: wow you really picked that movie apart sis?  haha you sure did your research!:p  I will be more then happy to see that movie when I get home I have heard good things about it!  thank you for the update I love you grace!

Tay: I was wondering if you were doing tennis this year!  I am glad you are doing so well and hope it is still a blast!  how did you do with shooting the whistle pigs?  I have been invited to do so, so many times here and wish I could.  we will have to go when I get home!  dude I roasted marshmallows too!!!!!  and all of those movies definitely keep me updated on they sound sweet!!!! good luck on your speech!  I love you tay!

Dad: No I did not get any of those videos? you will have to try and resend them.  haha that is such an ugly color!:p  but it does look like it is in good shape.  and that is not bad at all for miles.  Hey so something a person told me they do here that I thought was cool. Patriarchal blessings are recorded right? well you are not the stake called patriarch but you are our family patriarch. A dad here records all of the blessings he gives to his kids and then gives them to them I think that would be really awesome to have done!! then they can reread them and remember them and cool stuff like that!  Just a sweet Idea sense recording things is so easy now a days! haha well I am glad you have a fishing buddy!!! how does you softball team  look?  we have our first game tomorrow wish me luck and any tips?  I like playing shortstop but will probably not play there sense a former college player will be there I think?  love you dad!!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

St. Patrick's Day Cuteness thanks to Carilyn :)

Sister Legg and Sister Davis,
Your sons are serving in our ward right now (Gray).  We had them over for dinner tonight.  I really appreciate how pleasant and friendly they are.  My son is almost 17 and preparing for his mission.  Have young men like your sons as examples is truly a blessing.  They are also a little silly, which we completely appreciate.  My son had a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and brought out his toys, which your boys were happy to play with.  Thanks again for such great people.
Sister Malyn Perkins
p.s. imagine them growling at each other during the picture.
(Email received on 3/21/17)

A couple of pictures Jenny Phillips found
on Facebook for me

Check out that burger!!

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