Monday, March 20, 2017

I Summoned My Inner He-Man

Hey everyone!

Happy St. Pattie's Day!

This year I got it right!  Last year for daylight savings my Companion and I forgot to switch our clocks.  We slept in and we missed a good chunk of church!  Well not this year I set like 7 alarms and moved all of them forward!  Not scrubbing up this year!

Spiritual thought:
There is a  commonly asked question of how do we know when it is the Holy Ghost prompting us and not just our own thoughts or desires? Well this is what Elder Holland and President Eyring have to say.  The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God. It is a gift from God.  In John 14:27 it says "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you".  This peace is an Anchor point of the gospel and the soul.  If it is a prompting you should have peace. One way to test for peace is consistency. God tells us in Malachi 3:10 "and prove me now herewith".  We can look for consistency of our prompting with the words of God, His holy scriptures and teachings of the modern day prophets, and his commandments.  Then another way to Prove him is to act.  To show our trust in God.  We get  that gift of peace because "God is the Author of peace and not confusion" 1 Corinthians 14:33. If we are confused and stagnant because of it then we are doing what Satan wants.  If we are not moving forward we are moving backward.  He wants us confused, distracted, and deceived.  So if you want to look for the Spirit and hand of God more in your life read the word of God to look for a consistency and assurance of God's will and show some trust in our Father in Heaven by acting upon what you find consistent.  Prove God herewith and you will have Peace in your life.

"To many people read the Scriptures looking for information and wondering where the inspiration is.  More people need to read for feelings and they shall feel so inspired!" -Henry B. Eyring

 Well there is a less active family in the ward who gets in trouble with the law for their dogs getting out and harassing the neighbors.  Their home teacher found this out and we set up to help them build a fence.  We ended up putting in a 500 foot fence across their front yard.  They did rent a post hole drill, thank goodness, because some of the ground was solid clay and would have taken all day to just dig one hole!  I got the lucky job of cleaning all of the holes out with the post hole diggers and my shoulders were so sore the next day!  We finished it all up though and the family showed up to church on Sunday!

We did some gardening this week too!  We rototilled the the garden which was tons of fun because of this hard GA clay.  When you would try to sink the blades into the ground and start going the blades would  bounce off the ground making it feel like a rodeo and it was quite the ordeal to get the whole plot of land done.  Once we were done with that though we also planted 400 onions.

And now for the best one!! There is an older member that called us one morning asking if we could come over and help him with an oil change on his truck.  I have done those before and thought oh yeah sure no problem, a piece of cake.  Well we got over there and he had it on ramps and the oil was drained.  He needed the oil filter off.  I go under there and look at this thing.  It was sideways way up in the middle of the entire mess of the engine.  He hands me a tool to get the filter off and it was older than dirt.  The first problem was there was no room for the tool to go up and hook on to the filter. They figured out a way from the top to get it to the filter.  The next problem was it was so old that it had no spring or grip to it to clamp the filter and it was so tight in there I couldn't twist it.  We all took our turn down there trying and the filter got all dinged up and I am pretty sure it was punctured too.  Well we tossed the tool, and Bro Eadie tried to pull it off by hand.  And so did Elder Davis and so had I.  Well I was not going anywhere without getting this thing off.  I made up my mind with a firm determination I was not coming out from under that truck again without getting that filter off.  I tried the tool again and nothing was happening. Then I found a way to get both of my hands up there on it and I summoned my inner He-Man and twisted that filter off covered in oil and everything!  It was quite a blessing from exercising in the mornings.

Well the ward here is entered into a Jones County church Softball League and we are on the team. I have never played baseball or softball in my life other then in my front yard with my brothers and I had troubles hitting the ball. Well we had our first practice  this week and they made me bat and I actually hit the ball!  I was so excited!  I did not know I would be such a Softball smacking machine!!

Then we were visiting a member way on the north side of Jones County with the Elderly missionary couple here in Gray and it was close to Juliette.  Well Juliette is where the movie Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed.  We decided to stop in and we ate at the Restaurant from that movie.  I had had Fried Green Tomato's before on my mission but this was the original Place for them and it was way good!

Mom:  Ok mom I found a lady that does super sweet hand painted leather Scripture cases that are super sweet!!!!!!  They are a kinda pricey but they are totally sweet! I want to get one and I want to get one for all the fam since we need new ones don't we? I am going to get all the information for them, they might be about $90 each?  But if you could secretly start figuring out everyone's favorite scripture stories and quotes that would be awesome!!!! We do not have a dinner set up yet for St. Pattie's Day, but I am going to try and get one that is for sure! Good luck with all of your running and try to stay on you feet! I am glad you are not all scrapped up! Good job on your teaching though and having such great kids and success with the pretests! I love you mom and will miss your corn beef and cabbage!!!!!!

tay: Dude I want you to look up the talk by Elder Holland called "like a broken Vessel" it is super good and encouraging!!! also You Got Catan for your Bday well the Library here has it to play and so we played it after emailing yesterday and it is pretty sweet. I had to make sure you wouldn't smoke me when I got home!:p  I have never watched the whole movie or play of Pride and Prejudice it bored me a little but I am glad you liked it!  dude what blood type are you bro?  Yeah I will never ever donate blood!!!! like ever!!!! and haha that is really funny bro how did you not notice that before?   and yay finally congrats to hunter he pulled a Travis. Love you Tay!

G4: What is Kong skull island?  and yup lizards tend to shed and yours will do it too!:P Love you grace!

Tali: Dang you horse training machine!! that is good you are working with them now they need to be trained up this year so I can come back and ride them sis!  Love you Tali!

Dad: Love you Dad!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg


Davis is grumpy because it's cold outside

Sweet thanks! yeah it is hard for me to drink lots of plain water for some reason?"

Found this on the side of the road during one of our morning runs

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