Friday, March 10, 2017

Knockin' Doors & Souther Hospitality

Hey everyone!

This week was a good week!  It is amazing how much more of an uplifting time you can have when you are with a good and fun companion, over dragging one around.  For the majority of the week we knocked doors and pretty soon we will have knocked through the town of Gray, GA.  No one was to interested in the message we had to share but there was still some very nice Southern hospitality. Now there was some not so niceness too.  One that made Elder Davis and I laugh was a lady opened the door and as soon as she saw us asked if we were Mormons?  we answered yes. and she replied okay goodbye with a nice hefty swing of the door in our face!

Do not think that is all that happens when missionaries knock doors though either!  Many we get offered water on a hot summer day! and the occasional time we will be offer Gatorade. Some people do let us in and teach them in the cool A/C.  Some even are like the lady we met this last week.  She was not to interested in the message we share but she was still very protective of us.  We knocked her door and she answers with 4 little adorable kids.  she knew who we were and asked us where we were from. we talked for a second where she asked of anyone had been mean to us in her neighborhood?  well a few had been similar to the lady previously mentioned.  Well we just paused for a moment before we answered and she went off!  Who, who, who has been mean to you!?  She got all fired up! We had a short, pleasant visit and she invited us to stop by anytime we wanted too.

We serve missions. Service being part of what we do.  Although people do not take us up on the offer nearly as much as they should.  This week though a member has been out of town for a while and was coming in late at night.  The elderly couple here was house sitting for them.  The day before the member made it home we went over with the elderly couple and took care of their yard.  I have not gotten to cut grass in over a year and it felt good!  We picked up branches and leaves. We vacuumed up after their birds.  We did a nice inside and out tidy for about 3 hours.

Then one of my former Companions, Elder Rhett Hiatt, came and visited me.  He went home about 7 months ago.  One of the members in an area he served invited him to come out for some gator rastlin.  Well my area is on the way down to where he was going and so he drove down through and stopped to see me for  a bit and took us out to dinner.

Mom: That is awesome you are halfway to GA!!! Wow I will come run since I will be home!:p (A run in Hawaii next winter) I am glad that you got and liked the voice mail! Thanks I tried to go by the Ortho last week but I can not seem to find them open and there are no hours on the door? I am about 4 1/2 months behind Trent then. On College? I do not know what I want to do?  You could apply to BYUI?  I will probably just finish my associates at CWI?  But who knows what I will want to do?  So sure you can apply to BYUI and any other cheap colleges that you want to?  glad the kids are doing well with testing! Love you hugs and smooches! Love you mom!!

Tali: Ahhh I saw they are creepy! :p (chameleons) haha yeah I bet it hurts when they crawl on your face!  They have claws or something to cling onto trees so it will not feel good on some of your most sensitive skin!  I am glad you love them though.  And dang you got a lot of shopping it sounds like!   Love you sis!

G4: OH my gosh girl you are crazy!! Those things are not cute!:p  And you race them?  Does fat boy feel left out now that he has to share attention?  And oh my you will probably have to go to that new park! Love you G!

Tay:  Dude I am glad that you went to see Hunter off!  What are your thoughts about goin on a mission man?   and getting old?? You are right, my friend, is no fun!  haha but Trav and I have survived so far so I think you got this!  I have never played Catan but it is a huge game here in the mission!!!  With the missionaries!  They will get together and play it for pdays and at night and stuff!  Yeah it is quite a big game in the mormon world! I had heard of it before but still have never played it!  I am glad that you had fun escaping from those rooms!  Was it hard?  Should we go when I get home?  And wow yeah that sounds like mom got a ton of McDonalds! It sounds like the amount they bought for the BYS counselors!!!! I did not know legally Blonde was a musical but it is a funny movie so I am glad you enjoyed it! Hey thanks for the music man it is all great! love you Tay!

Dad: Wait you have to give a presentation to the VP's?  That sounds pretty big!  and yes Roaches are some of the dumbest things ever invented!  I hate them!  They are everywhere down here and oh it is gross how people just co-exist with them.  But if they are boxed up make sure they stay that way!!!!  I am glad the Lizards will be easy keepers though and that everyone is liking them!  and yeah it was pretty Great to see Rhett for a minute!   Love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Rhett Hiatt back in  GA!!
A very large 6 month old puppy

Maybe they wouldn't split if he didn't
try to wear them on his head??
Poor pants never! 

Elder Davis

Jenny Phillips found this on Facebook for me

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