Monday, February 27, 2017


Hey everyone!

Thursday night the Darsey's took us to their pond for a picnic.  After we were done eating they pulled out some fishing poles for us and asked if we had a moment to fish a little off their dock?  There is always a little time we can squeeze in for fishing!  I have not been fishing on my mission yet either so I was excited too.  No one was catching anything, we were getting hits but nothing was biting.  Well everyone gave up and I went for a few more casts of nothing. Then I was like ok last cast this is all!  Well how it goes with everything else, it was the last cast that caught the fish.  I reeled in a small little Bass.  Everyone else thought they were the master fisherman too! Told me I would not catch anything with the line set up I was using.  Leave it to a Legg to show them how a Westerner fishes!:p

One of the members of the ward here in Gray is a Chiropractor.  Well he needed some help moving some equipment around and preparing a room for some new stuff.  We went and helped him out.  He wanted to do something for us to show his gratitude and so Elder Davis and I got adjusted.  Both of our first Chiropractic experiences, and it is really cool. He explained how everything worked that he did to us and we got a really cool education.

Many may think that the South is a the Bible belt and all of that good stuff. Well I think many would be surprised at how many people do not attend church, when there is the most amount per ca-pita here over anywhere in the world. Yet more surprising is the amount of people who do not even believe in a God with so many God fearing people around them.  We knocked into one of these yesterday.  His dad was a pastor and he just said "I don't".  We would try and say something or ask a question and he just kept repeating "I don't. I don't. I don't. I just don't. I can't be more skraight then that". (Skraight is how people say straight down here.)

A couple fun things this week. We were biking and a random lady pulled over and gave Elder Davis and I Krispy Kreme donuts just because she felt bad for us biking.  Oh she felt bad because it was 83 degrees in February!  That is wrong!  Then Elder Davis likes fires and so we built one on our back porch and enjoyed it as a nice relaxing way to end our day!

Mom: Thank you for the Info and Glad that you liked your present!  Wow it sounds like you had quite the day and discovered a lot of cool things this past weekend! Oh in any packages in the future can you start sending drink mixes again please? It is already getting hot and it is easier to drink a lot of flavored water to stay hydrated!

Tay: Happy Early bday bro!  And what are you talking about mom for you are the one getting old!!!  I have never been to Jump Time was it fun? (friends kidnapped him for breakfast & Jump Time) And dude you are going to love your surprise I bet you!  It sounds fun to me!:)(surprise activity for him and 10 friends for tomorrow,  his 17th bday) I love you bro and enjoy your day! I sent you a letter hopefully it is there for your bday!

G4: Oh it is a good thing you have Fat Boy to keep you busy and give you something fun to do!  and YOU won at bowling!!???? Dang!  Good job!  And also great job on keeping up on your school work!!! I love you Grace!

Tali: You are sick?  What do you have? Hopefully not the flu like everyone is getting over here!  So many are getting really sick over here!  It is a good thing us missionaries shake hands all day and build up our immune systems real well!  Oh good I know you can not stand a baby not liking you!  I love you sis!:)

Dad: Hey you joined a softball team and i did too!  there is a church league for Gray and the ward mission leader put us on the team!:p It will be interesting too because I still can not hit a ball to save my life!:p  Maybe they can stick me in the outfield to run and catch balls?  Dong that is a whole lot of Basketball in a week!  We play with the ward and some others every Thursday or so?  No Locust Grove is not in the mission it is in one of the Atlanta ones?  Hope you do well on the softball team and enjoy it! Love you Dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Text from the Darsey's with the pictures
"Enjoyed a nice evening with a fine
missionary!! No fish for dinner this time! Just a nice
lazy evening on the dock.  Our weather was a
perfect sunny 73* today. I know you must be
proud of your son, he is a really dedicated

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