Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dreams Do Come True & I Watched as the Past YR Blew Away With the Ashes 1/30

Hey everyone!

Alright Business first.  We had a World wide missionary Broadcast this last week from the missionary executive board in Salt Lake. Consisting of Elder Oaks, Bednar, Anderson, Bonnie L. Oscarson, one of the presiding bishopric Memebrs-stevens I think?, and 2 members of the seventy. Well due to this Broadcast Missionary life and work have been changed. They have changed the Schedule that missionaries live by.  Now it offers more agency and flexibility.  Leaving more responsibility in planning efforts of the missionaries.  In hopes to help prepare them to get back into the real world when finished with missionary service.  There is still all of the same elements there was before only we choose when would be most beneficial for us to get them done.  As long as they follow the simple Guidelines of wake up at 6:30am, go out at 10:00am, have lunch and dinner, be inside at 9pm, and be to bed by 10:30. An example of a simple change is we used to do daily planning the night before and now they want us doing it sometime in the morning the day of. Also changing the way we do things.  We used to have 9 different categories of things we focused on and reported on. Now we only report on 4.  Which will change the attitude of what we plan for and focus on throughout the week.  It is exciting and I hope it works wonders around the world!

 Okay and now for the dream come true part!  All who have been staying tuned for a while may remember me mentioning this last summer.  A crazy old man told me and Elder Hiatt about this mystical tool.  A coon pick, a bone from the..."thumb" (a reference from Trav's mission) of a raccoon; skinned, bleached, and used as a toothpick.  Well I have had the desire to obtain one of these ever since I heard of it sense you know, I'm CRAZY.  Sadly though I had not seen any raccoons, which this is GA and there are plenty here.  This past week, however, we were biking down our road and we past a fresh road killed raccoon.  We were in a hurry to an appointment and did not have time to stop and grab it.  Well the day went on and we did not go home until late that night and a member gave us a ride home and I forgot all about it. Until the next morning, I woke up with all gears moving and raccoon on the mind.  That morning we checked to see if the coon was of the male Gender. Eureka, it was!  We quick went to the store and I gathered my supplies for the extraction.  I cut it out with knives and scissors.  We went back picked it up and blah blah blah I now have a coon pick! YAY!

Alright now for the fun parts of the week.  Wednesday we get a call from the 12-13 year old's young women's leader.  She asks us if we could help her out and...if we needed a hair cut?  We both say yes we would love to help, as all good missionaries do, and tell her that we could get one. She said "Oh perfect see you at the church at 7:20 pm."  We show up to find out she had an activity dumped on her last minute to figure something out to do with both the 12-13 and 14-15 year old young women groups.  Her husband told her to teach them how to cut hair.  Now he was kind enough to offer his head as sacrifice. However, she wanted more than one so all the girls got plenty of experience and his hair is really short already so she wanted more of a trial for them, the missionaries.  Well after she gave the young women a 15 minute crash course on how to cut hair they got their chance to scalp our beautiful heads.  I, of course, being the brave one got voluntold to go first.  Well I was the guinea pig and they did not do a baaaaaad job, but it shows they were cutting hair for the first time young women, and I went first!:p They were all very proud yesterday at church though as I held my head high for all to see and praised them to the ward members on cutting my hair.    I was really sad, but happy to help, my hair was at one of my favorite points to have it, but oh well it will grow out.

Now that's service!  He loves his hair!! 
Also since I recently reached my year mark, and it is tradition to burn some article of clothing every six months of your mission I participated in this act. I burnt a white shirt, and watched as the past year blew away with the ashes.  

Mom:  Wow! Your trip should be tons of fun I hope you enjoy it and I wear a Medium shirt.  Oh and speaking of shirts Elder Spencer said that they sold those shirts in the MTC store?  So I do not know what you can do to get one maybe there is an online MTC store you can look for?  I am glad that Robin and Connor took care of you in picking your glasses! That is weird that Gracie draws things that look like the Avatar creatures and wow us boys saw that for the first time in AZ as one of our New Years movies with you and dad or maybe just dad?  But dang that was a long time ago and it feels just like yesterday!  I will be looking for your package today and tomorrow. I love you mom!

Tay: Crooked septum sweet bro!  And ahhh man you mean you don't need like a cochlear implant or something? Nah I am kidding that is really good you are fine without one.  Oh and no problem man glad that book has found some good use.  And why was Hunter not in FX? I think yall told me but I have forgotten?  I am glad he is back in though!   Love you Bro!

G4:   Haha I am glad that you loved the movie Avatar. It is a pretty good one.  Also you will have to draw something and take a picture so I can see these creatures that you draw.  Oh yes the Harry Potters are all very old and might be scratched. Oh you will have fun at the baby shower it is games and food what is not to like??!  Love you sis!

Tali:   Sad movies are the worst. No body likes to cry in public.  You have got to watch them on your own, or with your best friends, so you can make fun of each other later and laugh about it later.  Ummm Pita spelled backwards is Atip?   And way to go I am proud of you making records you speed machine!  Love you girl!

Dad:  Haha I am sure that you will be good to come snowmobile around with us! I was thinking about him the other day and the state he was in when I left and yeah I was thinking he would last but I think it will be close?  haha yes we dig a lot and deep half way to china I think? Well it rained a ton and we were not done digging and so it filled with water and looked like a nice little pool.  They can and do use Rotatillers here only they only get like 8 inches into the clay.  So it still requires digging and it is not to get to good soil but the purpose is to create good soil.  and a soft area for the roots to grow while in a tender stage. Also I had never thought about the Chinese New Year affecting your work that is interesting.  I hope you were able to be all caught up in your slow part than!  I love you dad!

Love you all!
Elder Legg
Scenes around Georgia


Coon Pick in USE!!!  

Elder Jole, Legg, Spencer
Left to Right


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