Monday, January 23, 2017

I Have Done It!!

Hey Everyone!

Biggest news from this past week is I have done it!  I have been out for a year now! Lucky me a member took us to their kids Soccer game on our year mark because they knew I love soccer. I am now on the peak of the mountainous mission.  I can see all the wonderful things the future has to offer and it is all downhill from here! I hope! We will see as the Journey continues onward! Stay tuned for year number 2!

Anyone who has been keeping up with my recent stuff know I accumulated strange mail recently.  Well the fan mail has stopped, as far as I know?  However, I Received a call this past week from the Dublin Sisters saying they had mail for me.  After my last mystery mail I was a little wigged out on why and how there was more mystery mail.  Well we had Stake conference this past weekend and they delivered it to me.  Turns out is was post cards from My Best friends mother from the PAST April that no one had forwarded to me and were lost in a dresser.  Well better late than never and I have them now!

As I mentioned This weekend was Stake Conference and it was wonderful!  We had Elder Cordon of the Seventy presiding.  He taught profoundly how we must strive for multi-generational strength of families in the Gospel.  He compared losing the Gospel in one generation to losing a language in one generation.  When immigrants move to the USA the culture and the English language influence overpower that of the parent's homeland. Unless the parents are diligent in teaching their children their culture or language it can all be lost in one generation to the outside influence.  The same is true for the Gospel.  If parents are not diligent in the basics, family prayer, scripture study, and home evening, and modeling the gospel the influence of the world will overpower the next generation.  When the Basics are not regularly taught and used in any setting final products cannot stand!  So if you are doing these and there are any Members of your Family struggling, swaying, or straying, check their basics.  Are they being taught them, shown how to do them, or most importantly using them? If the Answer is not affirmative for all of these reach out and help them! If you are not doing these yourself, start now and help yourself first! Then look for others you can assist!  "The little things of life are what make up the fabrics of Eternity!"

Ok weather report!  I am safe and there have been lots of Thunder showers and tornados down here in GA this past weekend but I was unaffected. A couple missionaries were evacuated to other areas but all are safe.  We were told to stay inside for the most part of Sunday due to bad weather.

Exciting fun! Gray is a bike area.  Well we just happen to be close to Macon and the mission office.  That is where all of the cars are taken care of when new ones come in and old ones are ready to go out. Well sometimes there are some just sitting there not being used as they have to wait to have something done to be resold or find a place to go.  Since we noticed this we worked out a Deal with Elder Jensen the car coordinator.  That anytime he has a car just sitting there not being used and it will be a little while he will loan us a car for a bit. Right now he has loaned us a car and we may have it up to 2 weeks!? We may have it only 3 or 4 days, we do not know, but we are happy nonetheless!

The widow's mite was oh so small but all she had and yet Christ's grace made it more than everyone else's.  When we put our best efforts in(this qualifies us for Grace), no matter how great or small, it is Christ's grace that carries us the rest of the way to be enough and be greater!
Remember! world's/Satan's lie: You+More=Christ      Christ's GospelTruth: You+Christ=More

Mom: Wow the amount of snow there is crazy!  Not the onion barns! Ontario I am sure loved the business.  We have had a lot of rain these last few days!  In the car though it has not been to bad!:p  Yes I got the January package from Carilyn :).  Woohoo Valentine's day (my package month)  Oh yes we had sweet pork nachos with the marshals! 1000 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!  That is what I heard about the Patriots & that is exciting!  Um no I don't really care too much about the Falcons?  More people down here are into college ball so more Bulldog fans than Falcons.  And there are a lot going for the Falcons but I know a few going for the Patriots? Yeah I am safe now worries! Love you mom!

Tay: dude you will have to send me a jacked picture of you! I cut my belts the other week because they looked ridiculous with the extra slack. and my suits drown me out now!:p   And hearing loss? How bad and will it continue to deteriorate?  What the heck is a septum?  And what is this Halli stuff?  Love you Bro keep me in the loop!

G4: Well that is a very nice thing you do for those kids Grace keep it up!  Yeah braces will hurt for a little bit but are you getting shakes and Ice cream? Love you Sis!

Talia: Ewwwww you had to change poopy diapers!  That is gross! But hey you got paid!   Wow though that is way better of a time sis good job! Are you kinda done with the snow yet or what?  Love you girl!

Dad: That sounds like a blast of a time!  I have never been on a snowmobile but Elder Phillips has snowmobiles and he is going to bring some over when he comes for my home coming next year. Hopefully it snows not quite as much but still a lot next year!  did you ride on the tubes of just drive the sleds? As new treadmill I was wondering how long that old one would last her? I am glad you had a great weekend!  love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Collards growing in the middle of town

The grass grows greener still!


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