Thursday, January 19, 2017

Late (Didn't hear from him until 1/19/17)

Hey Everyone!

Ok first off I know it's not the best thing to do... But I am going to brag a little bit anyways. Everyone here and there we get our apartments inspected to make sure that we 18-26 year olds are not living in filth and taring the place apart.  Well on this last one I scored a perfect inspection and got special praise from the mission. It was pretty sweet! All The credit goes to my mom though in teaching me how to deep clean! So not all that bad to brag when it is for someone else, is it? Love you mom!

Library was closed on Monday and I was on exchanges on Tuesday, and a missionary was going home early the next morning, so I treated the two I was with to dinner.  Plus I try to do something on exchanges to mix things up to have fun and make others feel special!

Alright so service is one of my favorite things to do on the mission! I have just come to find great joy and a great love for those that I get to serve!  This past week I have had many opportunities and here are but a few of the fun ones.  First one, a larger lady was walking down the road with like 6 filled bags.  Now I say walking but more so hobbling.  Well I biked on over and offered to take a couple bags and help her carry them for a ways.  She was very suspicious at first and not so sure about the whole idea.  So I just started talking to her and tried to make her feel more comfortable. I told her I'm a missionary for my Church and that service was part of that mission.  We got to know each other a little a got to laughing and she eventually let us carry her bags for her. Then she let us teach her a lesson too. She told us to meet her back at the bench we were at the next day. Well we did and we were blown off, but we gave her the Holy scriptures and she did take those so I know the word of God will bless her and that I did the deed God would have me do. 

Then for anyone who does not know me, I have a soft spot for little old ladies.  Well I was walking out of Walmart one day and there was a little old lady struggling with the carts. Now I am a healthy 19 year old and I struggle sometimes with those carts, so I knew there was no way this lady would get a cart out.  I offered my help and she denied it.  I thought that was weird.  Well I offered again and her response was firm once again.  I started to walk off and than turned on my heels and decided I was helping her whether she wanted it or not!  This time I went back, and I did not ask, and told her I and helping and you what do you need.  She turned with a surprised look and said, "Well young man if you think your so strong push these other carts to the side."  I rammed them a few times and got them over and she got the cart and she got the carts loose.  Then I noticed she was a worker and it clicked why she didn't want was her job.  Afterwards though she was very grateful for the help and invited the  Millidgville Elders to visit her in her home.   Then I also am back to digging trenches for Gardens.  The clay here can be hard, but it is smoother than at home to dig so it goes faster than going around rocks.  We also helped build a shop and rebuild a retaining wall this week.

A member this past couple weeks has been telling us about a friend of theirs that they have been asking questions about our church.  They have been offering answers but one day asked if we could visit with her and answer any new questions. She accepted and grilled us with lots of stuff!  However, in the end she was satisfied with the answers we gave and have met with her a few more times now.  She is not ready to listen to the lessons we as missionaries teach yet, but she is liking the answers she is getting.  She says, "It is hard to argue with the Mormons when all you hear is bad about them and then they just make sense."  

On Sunday the Youth had a fireside that they invited us to. We ended up being helpers.  It was a Fireside on knowing our Articles of Faith.  They had to pass off as many as they could in a timed period.  If they did not know some they were all posted on a board and could go quickly memorize it and then come pass them off to one of us helpers.  During this I pondered how well do I know my Articles of Faith?  I know the basic ideas but I do not know them all and could not recite them if needed.  The devotional at the end of this is what our Faith believes in and we need to know it hit me.  I find this important and True!  I am working on coming to know The Articles of Faith and I challenge each and every member to restudy them too. If you are not a member, ask a member what the Articles of Faith are and find out what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes.

Mom: I will be burning a Shirt for my year mark tomorrow. No, there are no Costa Vida in the south the closest thing would be Moe's?  She has lived in Arizona and been to UT though and she loves Costa and so she knew we were from the west and would most likely appreciate it, and we both did. It was homemade and way good!  What in the noodle??? 9 snow days?? The schools must be going soft or something.  I have never had 9 snow days in my combined life! Holy cow you have teeth problems!:p And yes the info from Chris & the ortho made sense. I will ask around and see what I can get done, and I got a mouth guard so I am not grinding at night. That is sad that the "national Monument" fell over! ( Drive through Redwood Tree) Thank you for the up date though! Love you mom!

Tay: Dude I wish I could get to the temple so bad man!  That will be one of the top priorities when I get back so be ready to go with me in a year ok bud!? ok!  Also what is with these snow days?  That is junk!  A gym membership what?  I have a bowflex in my apartment right now so that is pretty nice!  Otherwise I basically do body weight workouts and now they took away our pullup bars so I can't even do pull ups now! Well love you bro!

Tali: So should I see Monster Truck when I get home? or Lion?  Bowling is something I can do on a P-day but never have yet?  You let dad and Gracie beat you?;)  But dang girl that is pretty good for a ski race, did you crash any?  Is it scary racing any?  I love you sis and am glad you are having fun!

G4: Oh phew I am glad that you fond both kitties and also that you got the cats fixed. No one here fixes cats or dogs and there are just tons of them as pets and strays!  Lots of them are very mean too! Wow quite the movie palooza! I heard you were on fire in bowling?  yes Dad and us build an igloo once before and it was a lot of work but it was fun in the end!  Love you Brace I mean Grace!;) They look good!

Dad: How do you like the working from home?  Was it better or do you like the separation of work and home?  Sounds like you had a pretty fun week with the girls!  And yeah well I definitely got the grinding form you and mom!:p  oh well I got a mouth guard this past week and it has been fine so far?  Thank you for the Encouragement! And again thank you for the teaching of work ethic not everyone has it!  Love you Dad!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

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