Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A VERY Merry & Generous Christmas!

Hey everyone!

Thank you to anyone who sent me a letter or package of any sort!

This was a wonderful week.  Let me tell you all that Christmas as a missionary you have to be away from family, and that stinks, but it is also probably one of the best weeks of a mission!  All thanks to the mail from those that love us and the members who want to take such good care of us!

First wonderful thing is the food!  When Christmas comes around there is always tons of good food! We were lucky enough to have been fed by members all week long and on Christmas Eve and Christmas we had all meals covered.  Plus not only were things scheduled, but unscheduled things showed up.  Goodies from friends and family at home. Treats and left overs from members near. I am talking, we have sweets coming our of our ears at our apartment! Plus it can never be a bad day when a member just calls and shows up out of the blue with a slab of hot baby back ribs. 

My Christmas day: as soon as we woke up we started to open our plethora of presents! Elder Jole made us a pancake breakfast. Everything was hunky dory, we had no meetings and church was an hour later than usual.  Then our ride to church didn't show up and didn't inform us he wasn't going to be able to, so at 10 when church was starting, we were texting frantically to try and get a ride.  We managed to get one, but we were 25 minutes late. Oops And we were in the choir so we had to walk to the stand once we got there,oh man that was embarrassing! The we had a lunch,and got to Skype,and play card games,and get more presents.  Seeing the family was thoroughly enjoyed! The we went to dinner and got more presents and played board games and also did the whole role doubles on dice to get your turn to unwrap the present with oven mitts on and the one who opens it gets the present.....and of course I won!:p  Then we went and had a Nerf war at our ward mission leaders to end the night!:)

We also got to help a member work on building a shop. Thank you to my grandpa for all the projects I got to help him with, and my dad also, and my little construction job last summer.  I was able to be a good help and knew details he hadn't thought of.  I was glad to get to do that kind of work again it was a blessing. 

Another Blessing is that just with the companions I have had, I have not gotten to go on a good run in about 6 months.  Biking and walking around everywhere helps to combat everyday weight gain, but the holidays is another story!  Well just as most the holiday season was turning out not to be my best friend!:p  But I went on exchanges and Elder Spencer was a track star and so we went and ran 8 miles and I feel so out of shape but also much better!  

Mom: I am so glad you made it safe on your trip, I was praying for you.  haha yeah you have not had to cook a Christmas dinner in a while! (I told him I totally spaced making Christmas dinner until Friday)  Everyone was anxious to get on the road to AZ huh? I don't blame them I am too but it will have to wait.  I am missing out on The Land of Stories!! (I read the 4th one to them on the way to AZ)  Has Taylor gone running with you very much before, or was this just a trip thing?  Also I am glad you made it to Indian mt. and home alive and well, even if maybe a little dehydrated? (Taylor navigated and extended our trip to 8 miles instead of 4) Yes I did get my self a pair of Ranger panties, of course! (he sent them for his brothers for Christmas & they modeled them for him in Skype, but they wanted to make sure he got himself a pair too) Holy Cow how is Uncle Lance turning 60?  We just celebrated his 50th I swear!  I will see what needs to be sent home.  And yeah try and get with Hiatt and I am sure he will be able to make time to see you.  Enjoy the warm weather! I know I am! I love you mom Thank you for the gifts and all you do!

Tay: Yes I got a pair of Ranger Panties for myself bro what do you think I am crazy!?:) running is good for you man and I miss it so you should run enough for the both of us and protect mom from the hooligans out there ok! Love you bro talk to you soon!

G4: I heard you did amazing on your Talk girl good job! who is taking care of Fat cat?  Love you sis Enjoy AZ!

Talia: Congrats on the ugly sweatshirt contest winning and the obstacle course winning!  You are a beast!  You looked like you were having such a good time!  Have fun on vacation and what the noodle you are getting your ears pierced don't you know that is scary?  Oh yes get a new sweatshirt (her other Gap sweatshirt she's loved and worn to death) Love you girl!

Dad: It was great to see and talk to you too!  yeah the ward here is super awesome about taking care of the missionaries.  Also I like my comp way more than my last one.  There were some really good shirts that I wanted to get for you but they were all like 4xL and I knew that wouldn't work.  so I saw the hats and I thought of you. I thought it might be a nice T riding hat or maybe sports watching hat?  have fun working with Gandpa and yeah please send me some pictures of his new car. I love you and miss you! 

I Love you all
Elder Legg

I was on exchanges yesterday so we get to email today. And yeah I heard that Aeropostale the whole brand is like going out of business and shutting down there was a huge closing sale in Columbus at the mall! Oh and let me know how Tay's hair flies in the model T's and Talia is a brave girl that looked awful! (video of her ear piercing) Have fun at the tea party! (English tea room in AZ for her bday)
Yes pickle roll ups! Thank you! also they were dazzled by my cut throat quick learnign skills of card games!:p I know I go my skills from Great Gpa Maroney, I thought you and him might be proud! Got to go I love you! 

Ornament from Elder Phillips' mom
She sent one to me too :)
Thanks Jenny!  

Christmas conference, half the mission

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