Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Walked Toward the Porch I Thought Was Talking to Me

Hey Everyone!

Well I hope everyone's start to the new year was wonderful!

Alrighty last night I was on exchanges with an old friend from the MTC Elder Arterburn.  We were in Millidgeville which is his area. Well we had seen a few people but lots of plans fell through and around 7:00 and night he ran out of ideas of where to go, who to see, and what to do.  Well just like in any case that these questions pop up we prayed and asked for guidance.  We did not receive anything immediately and so we just started off towards the way home.  Along the way he remembered an address of a potential he had found and written down close by.  We checked it out and it turned out to be a sister of a member who lives in Utah, and she has come to church with him when he visits.  She was a little sick at the time but said she would like to study with the missionaries. Then we had to go by a house that had a former investigator of the church and he decided let's check in on him.  He wasn't home but we talked to his wife for a bit and got on our way, just as we were leaving two ladies were coming out of a house across the street. We said hello and to the first one and she walked on by without any recognition.   Then we said hi to the second one and she kept walking, and I felt an urge to try again, so I  turned around and asked how she was doing.  This time she turned and studied me for a second and then her face lit up and asked us excitedly if we were Mormon missionaries?  We, of course, said yes and introduced ourselves.  Turns out she had ordered a Book of Mormon online months ago and no one had ever delivered one.  As missionaries do, we had one on us, and we gave it to her and we set up an appointment for Elder Arterburn and his companion to stop on by.  We continued on our way home Flabbergasted at what a success tonight had become from shattered plans.  Yet the beauty of the Lord was not even over.  He continued to answer our prayer as we walked along a  busy street I thought I heard a voice.  I looked around and no one was there.  Then I heard it again a little louder this time and I still saw no one but figured it might be some one on their porch talking on the phone.  Then I heard it a third, and more clear, time sounding like a "hey, over here".  So I turned and without being able to see any one, I walked towards the porch  I thought was talking to me, and as I was halfway down the drive way I saw a man stand up and walk out into the street light.  Smile on his face he said, "I'm glad you could hear me and turned around what's the word today Elder?"  We talked for a quick bit and he wants to learn more and set up and appointment to learn more.  From a simple prayer of two 19 year old's in Georgia, God heard us and answered the desires of our hearts.  He filled our evening that night but he had done much more then that.  He had carried us where we fell short. Strengthened us while tired and vulnerable.  Given us joy and hope, even the light of Christ, to share with others.  I firmly believe and testify that God answers prayers, large and small, and that He uses us as his instruments when we let him! 

Well the man whose Garden we help in needed some more fertilizer.  Come to find out he has connections for horse, cow, and Chicken manure.  This week we helped him to get cow and chicken.  The cow manure is from a Dairy farm where we went and cleaned out stalls for the owner and then we got the manure for free and he gave us a free gallon of fresh milk.  The chicken manure is from a chicken house farm and is just heaped in a mountain.  I am a weird stinky boy and I loved every second of getting both manures!:p

New Years Eve we spent the day at various members homes decorating and celebrating. We were going to do a bonfire at one but it got rained out which was a bummer.  And not only did it rain that night but for the next 3 days straight. We did have to be inside early on New Years Eve so we would not be out with the crazies for our protection.  So Elder Jole and I celebrated at 9:00 with little party poppers.  And listened to the fireworks as we fell asleep.  

New Years day was rainy but good.  We got two dinners and a Southern tradition/superstition is to bring in a new and good year you have to have a traditional southern meal.  Which includes Collard greens, black eye peas, meat, and corn bread.  Well both places we went had the same meal but one was so much better than the other.  Collard greens have to be done right for me to eat them!  The first meals were and the second meals were so bitter!  If you try collards ever, if they taste bitter then they were not done right, and you have to give them another try! You still may not like them, but they should at least taste decent.

A lady's husband in the ward passed away and was buried last week. We were not able to make it to the funeral and we felt really bad. However, she invited us to come along with a small group today to pray over the grave and to go to lunch with her. It was a sweet experience to witness.  The grave is still just a dirt spot and she knelt down and the foot of the grave and traced "I <3 U" in the clay.  

Mom: You went to the road runner without me? When you finally go when you get Trav  & I out! And I am glad you had fun with Rhett! What do I need for my knees? I have not gotten anything yet but the holidays may have stuff pushed back a little still?  I was just talking to a member who lived in AZ for a bit about Lance's Grapefruit!  The south and Fl especially is known for Citrus, but The member a native from the South swears up and down AZ has better and I agree!  Haha is that your first time seeing a coyote in real life?  Also Taylor is right I don't think I was left alone till I was 18 going to GA!:p  haha trump takes presidencey on my year mark! I only drink it when I add Chocolate syrup to the fresh milk!:p I don't think my knees are hurting? Oh they visited me right after I had done a super hard leg work out that left me sore for a week and so she saw me hobbling around and that might be why she thought that, but I was going to ask for pills!  The only good ones are not Wal-Mart ones! Imagine that??! :p  Mega foods is a good brand I need new multi vitamins.  No I was just sore!  But yeah no out here I try to take a multi vitamin once a day and b12 and fish oil and vitamin c.  However you have to test the stuff to make sure it is good. For just a pill put it in water and see if it dissolves, if it does it is good. Also for fish oil do not get the see through capsles or bottles and only trust stuff that has to be refrigerated!  The other stuff has rotten fish oil that does nothing for you.  and you not nothing see through because the sun actually destroys fish oil! Fish oil I will just try to find here?  There is even like a mixture of like yogurt refrigerator fish oil! lemon flavor!  I know right, it is a total scandal!  b12 helps metabolism and energy.  Just the last 2 wks I had exchanges. I will go on exchanges about twice a transfer right now.  And on Tuesdays.  The work here is slow the ward here is good. It is super rainy.  Jole and I get along pretty well.  he is socially awkward so I end up doing alot but he is a good person and I don't have any problems with him.  Wow it is snowing that much and I am missing it!  Dang it! The rainy season but it is pretty rainy in Gray!  Transfers used to be fun and exciting and now it is to the point of I feel like there is like no one I want to get as my companion !  yeah I will not  stay in contact with to many of mine probably? and I know I will be cold next year!  Buckley is! He is down in Pearson!  umm not since our scheduled interviews have I talked to pres?  umm I might call him and see if he can feed us we don't have to many dinner this week and tonight bailed?  I am not sure why it is slow really?  All the missionaries I have talked to said it has been for about a year now?  Yes Gray's rain is worse than Dublin.  I love you Mom!

Tay: You bailed on mom running? You realize she has like some years on you and she is beating you up?  That's sad bro!;)  I am sorry to hear you have neck pains man. Did you have to sit in the middle to seperate the girls or did Talia since she is the smallest? That is sweet man I haven't even gotten to drive Gpa's red truck yet!  Which T did you get to drive? He let you drive the Truck AND the new car AND the T's? AND you got to take the new car all by yourself?  What year and type of car is that? Dang dude! Well I am glad you made it home safe from your joy ride and that you had a good time!

Dad: It is true that tighter places and parking lots can be the scarier places it requires more attention and action on the drivers part and they are not our cars and that makes you want to make sure you take even better care of it!  haha got your yearly Bball shoes huh?  You will have to send me a picture of this years.  It's a good thing gpa has you to help hime with his lists when we go down! Hope that with the chores you still found time to relax and have fun. love you Dad!

Tali:  Haha I remember those old little cars, but I did not remember that they were from Grammy and gpa!  That is awesome!  Yes and the camels are fun!:p  I heard that Rouge One had a lot of connections to the old Star Wars,  so you need to get more familiar with them to understand it? What you got to eat at the road runner??? You are so spoiled!!! I never got that!;)  Love you sis!

G4: Dang you shopping fool!  I am glad you had a fun tea party!  I hope you are enjoying your cats back at home now and no longer missing them! I have met a lady here who has 21 cats inside her house. Do not! I repeat do not!!!! Ever become that crazy cat lady!  Love you Grace!

Love you all!
New Years Eve Ready
FAKE Snow from Christmas
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Christmas Breakfast Elder Jole made

Shhhh..... I'm Wabbit huntin

These are what he sent to his brothers for Christmas.
He was so excited for them to open them on Skype.
They put them right on so he could see them on them. 
He couldn't let the brothers be the only ones having fun.
They wanted to make sure  he'd gotten himself a pair.

Fresh milk we get for free!
My drawing skills.
Probably The best  thing I have ever drawn!!
The car was a gift  & on the other side it says FAST on
the left to remind me it was fast Sunday the next week.
I drew it in my planner.

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