Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fan Mail

Hey Everyone!

Ever since I have gotten here, Elder Jole has just been talking about this one lady that we visit and telling me she is great! Well as anyone would be, I was excited to meet her, but she has been busy or we have been busy and things just haven't worked out.  Well we finally got to meet with her this past week.  She was in a car accident 8 years ago, and she is now bed ridden, but there is hope for her to walk and do things again.  Well with being bed ridden come along a care taker and always a special smell.  I have been to a good amount of nursing homes on my mission thus far and they all have this same distinct smell.  Granted it has tried to be covered up but never fully can be.  If you haven't guessed it already(queasies shut your eyes and cover your ears) it's...poop! More specifically the smell of human fecal matter, urine, and body odor all mixed!  (the queasies are welcome back)  Well Elder Jole conveniently forgot to tell me this small detail.  As soon as we get to the door of the house there is a faint odor. I figure okay something stinks somewhere around here.  Then the door opens and I get a blast of hot and stinky stale air.  My nose hairs curled as dread to enter this place swelled from with in.  I eventually got my feet to move and trudged into the abyss.  The deeper we were swallowed by the layer, the heftier both air and smell became.  My breathing involuntarily had switched to quick short grasps for air, with lounges pleading for something, anything fresh.  My nostrils were on fire and had me on the verge of up chucking all my dinner I had just had. However, it was still the better choice rather than breathing through my mouth where I could taste the particles in the air, as if a fog of sludge surrounded me.  My stomach churned, till I swear, it was filled with cottage cheese.  Something else Elder Jole had so sweetly neglected to warn me of was the amount of talking this fine lady could do.  She spoke and we listened for 3 hours straight before I could get a word in that we had to share a message and leave it was time for us to get home.  During this time I started by the door than the care taker came in and I somehow got pushed right next to the almost full, black dumpster sized, diaper bag infested with roaches.  I was able to slide away ever so slightly and slowly without anyone noticing, but the smell was still none the less over powering.  Now this lady was extremely nice, sweet and appreciative.  We will go back and visit her.  Even through all that was there, I was still able to enjoy her, and that to me was a testimony of the true light of Christ.  Through even some of the most dreadful of circumstances there is always hope!

Alright well I do not know how many of you have been watching the weather for GA lately but it snowed!  Just not in Middle to Southern GA.  Atlanta had a snow and Ice storm and we had small affects of the ice storm here in Gray. It has been in the 20's this past weekend and it was wet and miserable.  The rain was frozen rain and enclosed cars in bubbles of ice and everyone was freaking out.  It has thawed some but still cold and we are bundling up to stay warm. Luckily this past weekend we did not have to be out too much.  An Elder who was serving down in Valdosta got injured and stay up with the senior missionary couple here in Gray for the weekend. Any time they wanted or needed to go somewhere we got to go watch Elder Adams and babysit during the worst of the storm. It was good, we got warmth and food out of the deal. I think we came out on top! 

Alright and final thing!  We got home on Thursday night and sitting inside our apartment on our table was a bag with my name on it. Inside the bag there there were 20 letters.  All of them assigned to me, but mailed to my Cusseta address, with no return address, and sent from Salt Lake. Wierd thing is they were sent the 28th of December, after I was already in Gray for a bit. Some how they had gotten to Cusseta, then sister Grayson got them, and then the McOmbers got them to our apartment. I have gotten some of the peices together.  The reason it was weird is because it was 20 different letters all "fan mail".  All of it was from girls I don't know?  And they knew about me.  They wrote about places I have been and high school teachers I had.  Some had lipstick kisses on them, some had store bought cards, some were perfume sprayed, and some were hand written letters.  It is still all a little creepy, but over all not a bad confidence/ego booster either! In the end the message from them all was... they totally dig and want me!

I like Veggie soup! (I was making that for dinner) I also like Brunswick stew!  So it is from my knowledge actually a GA thing that is propably all over the east coast.  Because there is a Brunswick, GA on the coast, that is what I have put together. They serve it at BBQ places and so there is meat probably beef or pork?  And I'm not to sure what else you should look it up and try it some time?  It is kind of a sweeter flavor stew.  I like it and corn bread is a good thing, or even your rolls, would be great with it and crackers.  Also have you ever heard of a fried green Tomato?  The actual restaurant the movie is about is in Gray.  The restaurant is still there, it is way out in the country at the top of Jones county. I have not been there yet, but I have seen pictures and I had heard about it in previous areas.  And I have tried some from one other restaurant and some home made attempts but the McOmbers are going to take us one of these days and so I will try some at the real place too! I have not watched the movie, but I have seen the case of it so tell me how it is. And yes if it can be fried it will be fried and it will be eaten!

Mom:  Yeah this has been a ton of snow days that is ridiculous!  I am glad Poopy (his cousin) only had to get glue and not stitches. Also I am glad that your recent experiences with poopy stuff has been so much more positive than mine!:p (I've been getting him Poopy emogi things for his gifts & having fun doing it) Oh I bet the snow is awesome for skiing and snowboarding!  I have already set up going snowmobiling and snowboarding with friends when I get home!!:p  That would be an interesting job to have. (His other cousin, adding captions to video)  Elder Jole and I were thinking of putting out a picnic blanket in our short sleeve shirts on green grass as a picture home but then it got cold really fast, but there is still green grass here like way green in some places.  So is it like national news and wide spread the amount of snow places are getting hit with?  Are there records being made? (We're out of school for our 6th day) Wow are the roads really bad?  The coloring books are something to do at times and can occupy  my mind, but it can stress me out at times because I don't know where to start or how to finish or basically have to make decisions and you know how much I love that!:p  And oh my goodness awesome crazy running mother!!! 900 miles that is so good!  Oh and thanks a lot I have gotten your grinding of teeth!  I am biting through my retainers!  They have cracks in them and I do not know how long they will last.  I am also looking into getting a mouth guard.  Some of my comps have even told me they can wake up in the middle of the night and hear me grinding my teeth.  But the cracks were a newer discovery and then they have spread fast and I don't know what to do about that? I don't know any dentist in the ward here and so I don't know what I can do about getting one of those, and I know the other mouth guards stink, but I still might get one just to have one to help me not grind my teeth away. And yes I would love if you would call Dr. Miler! I just don't think he has my mold anymore?  But maybe. It is worth calling!   I didn't even know or think I grinded my teeth until the mission!?  A dentist had never mentioned it until Valdosta that my teeth were looking grinded and yeah I don't know most mission stuff has become stressful now!  It's more so the tops of the teeth! There are 2 on top and bottom I can see by looking in the mirror that they are grinded.  And I worry about my teeth and so it makes me stress more!:p it is a vicious cycle!!  (He's got beautiful teeth & we want to keep them looking nice) I got the knee pills and I have not been shopping yet so no fish oil yet but I am planning on it! And ok I will be looking out for the package! Oh and did you send out a Christmas card this year? Love you mom! Good luck at the doctors! There are a lot of superstitious people down here all over the place!  Even ones you wouldnt think are. I love you more! Have wonderful week Mom

Tay:  Dude have you gone boarding at all this year yet? There has to be great snow!  How did you do at bowling?  And bro here we do not have snow, but if it rains here like it has been and its in the 20's like it has been you literally become a human icicle!   On Saturday I rode on my bike with 4 layers on gloves, scarf, beeny and I still could not feel a thing only after a mile! The cold here slices through layers like butter!  Well I hope you are enjoying the time off with friends and the fam!  Love you Bud!

Talia: I love all 3 of those movies!  (Sequels coming out that the kids are excited about) What??? How is that kid so old? He was just born yesterday!  (Poopy turns 8, not his given name, but what I've called him since he was born) That will be fun, we have not  made an Igloo in years do you even remember the last one we built? I love you sis have fun in the snow!

Dad: It has been in the 20's here but not the -20's!  That is so much snow that is awesome!  That is really good that you got to go out and so so much service from this.  haha yeah I know how much mom love to fish tail and drive in the snow really at all!  There is a storm this way but really just northern GA and we are getting side stuff there was supposed to be snow but it never came kinda sad but really not because the rain is enough to have to deal with freezing our jackets!  I love you dad keep up the good work!

G4: Noooo Fat Boy will cease to be Fat Boy if he looses weight!  Have you ever played bean-boozled?  Becasue if you have not you should talk mom and dad into getting it for a family home evening activity.  I did it for the first time Christmas Eve and it was awfully hilarious! I have seen advertisements for Sing and really want to see it so I am glad that it was a really good one! I was wondering how the new Ice age would do the past 2 or so have been wierd.  That will be awesome if Gpa and Gma Schmidt go on a mission! Love you sis!  Keep Fat Boy fat!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Fan Mail


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