Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Early Christmas!!

Hey Everyone!

Merry Early Christmas!!! I am super excited to get to talk to and see my family this week and I am so grateful for their love and support. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday with the spirit of Christ in its Center. The Spirit of giving, serving, and loving. Enjoying the gifts you get and the happiness that comes from those you give away.  Making sure the ones you love know it so that their worries can melt away.  That this day of Christmas is, as that of the first, glorious and bright for all the earth!

Ok so I got moved this last week and I am now in Gray, GA.  It is a nice little town, but fits its name very well.  Since I have been here every day has been grey, but only overcast and not rainy, so that is the better of the two deals and I will take it!  I am with Elder Jole.  He and I came out together and we get along pretty well.  The Members here are just how a small southern GA town should be, all super friendly and all related in some way! It  is bigger than Cusseta were everyone one knew everyone. Here it is everyone knows everyone, but if you don't know someone your neighbor does.

Alright the best thing of this past week was the Christmas Parade!  I just got here and it was not super well advertised so neither Elder Jole nor I knew of this.  We were just biking by the Ingles(grocery store) parking lot and saw floats getting lined up. We rode up and were checking out some of the floats as we were approached by a staff member.  We got to talking and we shared a short Christmas message about the #lighttheworld initiative. She loved it and we talked a little longer when she told us that they could use a few more bikers in the parade and asked if we would like to join in?(is that even a question)  Of course we were happy to, especially when they provided lights for our bikes, and did not make us pay a fee like the other entries since it was on the spot and they asked us to participate. So Wednesday night we got to ride in the parade of lights and spread Holiday cheer!

Another Christmas Spirit event that happened is that in Macon there was a Christmas Concert last night.  It was an all faith community event with performers in acting, singing, and instrumentalists. Plus there were refreshments at that end which never hurt an event.  The music and presentation was beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable!

Ok so there is a member we do service for.  Elder Jole tells me that we help him in his garden.  I am thinking pulling weeds or something?  I was thinking oh I got this not a problem I grew up doing this.  Well I get there and gardens here are a little different than back home.  This one looks like a straight excavation site.  In the GA red clay it can be hard to get things to take root and grow through it.  The way to combat this is to dig a trench for every 20 yard row about 2 feet deep and 3 feet wide with pickaxes and shovels. Then go get chicken or horse manure, leaves, and limestone dust. You refill the trench one layer at a time. First leaves and manure for fertilization. Then the limestone dust and dirt.  The limestone dust helps to counteract the acidity of the red clay.  And you do layer after layer until the hole is refilled.  It is hard work but I like it because we do not get to do much of that kind of thing. I especially liked when we got to go and get the horse manure because we got to go hang out at some horse stable for a bit while doing it!

Mom:Yeah I am sure it is packed somewhere but I have no clue where? (ugly sweater for contest at school) There was a snow day?? Wow things must be pretty snowy and Icy out there then? I did get the pictures and the videos and what the noodle with the hair? (we girls got new hair styles/colors) Dang everyone is keeping close tabs on me! (Carilyn tracked his new address in Gray down for us to mail Christmas packages, and Terry Jones texted me about his move) I am glad everyone is keeping warm here the weather is not sure what to do?  It was low 40's high 30's one day and 82 the next?  When it gets cold here though it gets COLD.  The humidity make the heat hotter and the cold colder.  It eats right through layers it is awful! Funny thing, no I have never been to a Waffle or Huddle House and they are all over the place down here and lots of people talk about them but I just have never gone? No we do not have the skype setup so just send me your skype and facetime info and so I can call y'all. Then with whatever member we are with we will call you as we get ready to do it. We will not be skyping here though until at least 2 maybe later? We may do it at the Perkins? The one who sent you my address or our ward mission leaders. If the Perkins it will be closer to 2ish? If at Jonny's it will be closer to 5 or 6? Whatever you come up with I am sure it will be great becasue no one down here has cooked as good as momma yet!Have a good week and enjoy the fun I will talk to you soon! Love you mom!

Tay: haha havent you and Hunter watched all of Scoobydoo before?  And good luck with finals man study and try hard!  Poetry now that is a talent!  It makes since though Travis always liked to do that and could whip a poem out, and I definitely did not get that skill, so I am glad you did because it is beyond me and and good thing to have and will help with all sorts of things! I am looking forward to talking to you soon too man have fun this week and eat lots for me!:) Love you bro!

Tali:  12 YEARS OLD!!!!!:D and still breaking glasses what are you doing with your life girl?;)   Dagum your Bday sounds like it was amazing!!!!!  Hair, presents, party, and everything!!:) What got you into old record players? I love the hair by the way! You know what I still have never been to The Cheesecake Factory and that is like my favorite kind of cake!  I have had cheesecake from there but never gone! and that is super true!!!! we NEVER did!:p (get as much party as the younger girls) I almost had a member take me while I was here but turns out the closest ones are in Atlanta and Tallahassee. Not even in mission boundaries so not possible!:p  Man I wish I was living your life right now you got it all!:)  I am glad you had an amazing Bday week!:) and I hope you have an amazing Christmas week!!:) I will talk to you soon! Love you big girl!

G4: What the freak alley (a graffiti art alley in Boise) and freaky blue hair all in one week??? I do not know if I can handle all of this!!!!!:p Ok it doesn't look to freaky I guess!;)  but I'm with you,I can not believe mom or dad let you!:p  Is everyone making you make it by yourself or you wanted to do it by yourself? (gingerbread house)  Either way it will have the G4 touch and look great!  Love you sister Talk to you soon!!!:)

Dad: haha yes I can imagine waiting on the girls for hours for them to get their hair done could have made for a long day.  Sounds like Tali loves her present from you so good job on that one!  When does she get to take hunters ed?  haha oh no the heated hose wasn't told it was Idaho huh?  and that it needed to be HEATED.  Who does what chore now?  haha that is some cold temperature if it was that over here I would die!  I am going to miss Phoenix this year too!  Grammy and Grandpa gave me their Holiday card and it had last years pictures and I miss it! I cant wait to talk to you soon! Have a great week! Love you dDad!

Sister Perkins told me you got our address so I hope you did.  I have not gotten any mail yet but it might get here today? Oh so I have a present for Trav and Tay but am shopping for stuff for the rest of you today are there any requests I can try and look for, for you dad and the girls?   I haven't gotten anything for G4 yet due to the shuffling. (he's her Secret Santa) I hope to get all  my shopping done today! And send stuff tomorrow?  Oh one good thing came of this Gray is close to Dublin so Bro Jones is coming up tonight to feed us!  Idk where we are going to go into Macon, but yes Gray has a DQ, Mcdonalds, subway, pickle barrel, chevy's pizza, a couple bbq and mexican food places and more.  I was looking at tshirts and long sleeves and hoodies the other night what sizes would you recommend for dad you and the girls? Elder Phillips said he got your package and that he cried when he did because he was so happy and missing me.  Thank you so much for sending him something! Yeah I wouldn't be to surprised if an early departure happened? I have a new bike and it is a nice one so no worries on that is should hold up the rest of my mission even if I bike at all? New to me new one. But it is some like specialist brand bike? It was left behind.

Love you all
Elder Legg
The boys got back together again on
Elder Phillip's Bday
Turning 20 on the 20th

It looks like the right one! I am the right side. 
However, there is never a car there in the driveway anymore. 
Gray is a bike area and there is no boat there anymore either.
It is just a sweet old lady for our neighbor.
(Carilyn had called and gotten his new address and then
Google Earthed him and found this picture, she sent it to me,
I sent it to him & that was his response to the picture)

A very nice surprise for them....

A very nice surprise for me....

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