Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hold the MAIL!! Part 2

Hey Everyone!

Ok first things first, I am being Transferred! So if you have anything to send me, WAIT! If you have already sent something that I have not gotten do not worry too much I will have the missionaries here sent it to me.  So do not stress I will get everything.  I will get my new address out as soon as possible! (I told him my package went to the post office that morning...I ran at lunch & got it before it left town headed to Cusseta without him there..... & why) Ok yeah Elder Phillips will get it to me.  So why, because Elder Smith Called President because he was not happy with the companionship. So we have been in contact with President all weekend and he came and interviewed us at church and stuff and he has decided to change us or Emergency Transfer us (ET). I get picked up by the AP's tomorrow morning to go where ever they tell me they are taking me?  I am with Elder Phillips and Mortensen for today. And tomorrow I will be shipped somewhere else with someone else? And it's not a big deal about the names on the gifts, my new comp will just be happy to get stuff I'm sure! (I told him I'd already addressed all of the presents in the package to him and Elder Smith........ugh!!!) I love you Mom!! Thanks for being so great!
As far as Mail I have gotten for those who are wondering: I got Lance's letter, Cindy's, carilyn's ties, and my dads travel gift, and my Secret Santa tree (see pic below)

Happy Birthday Talia! (12)

Ok so I know Talia's Birthday is this week but I got excited and decided to celebrate it a little early by honoring her memory of loving Babies.  This last Saturday we as the missionaries got invited to go to a baby shower!  It was a blast! and I know That Talia would have loved it since it had to do with babies and there were lots of little girls she could have played with and entertained!  So since I can't be at her party that was my party for her!:)

Also this week we got to go to a nursing home as part of the light the world and we hooked it up to where we got to sing carols to the residents there!  even with unrehearsed songs and a rough sound.  The People loved it and so many were grateful for us bring them the Christmas spirit!

Ok so the junk food for the week!  Well first off there is a restaurant called Cheddar's down here.  It is a nice place. Probably similar to an Olive Garden in comparison, but not Italian.  Well they have for an appetizer croissants smothered in honey butter that are divine!  Also though I got to try a fried food legend.  I have heard of this item since I have been out but never had the opportunity to try it.Drum roll please...brmmmmmmmmmm...A Fried Oreo.  And you dip it in powdered sugar and wow they are so good!  A member made them and invited us over to partake and I would say,it is in no way good for ones health but, this is something to try at home!

Mom: I got both packages. For my Secret Santa could you do the dishes please. And soon I will be trying to get a gift to send home for them. (Long distance Secret Santa is a little more challenging) For the videos of tomorrow just film it and put it in your drop box and share the link with me or in your google drive and share that link with me!:) haha that is awesome that Aunt T is so tricky!:)  no I did not get the video of hunter?  try sending it like I suggested the concert ones! Love you mom! Get some rest!

tali: Cat and dog sweaters?  What is this craziness?  ened me a picture of them ok?  Sounds like you had a wonderful meal! I miss Aunt Ts fried chicken!!!! To be honest I like it more than any I have had down here! Happy Birthday stinky! I love you!

Tay: Dude I have not been sledding in the mountains in forever!  Dude you guys take any tubes?  When I get back man we should get a band of friends and family and head up tubing in  the mountains!  That is jank that drama just thinks they run the stage or something!  Good luck tonight you will do awesome! I love you Bro!

Dad: I got the singapore package it was wonderful! thank you! The Belt looks even better when I wear it!  Yeah I sized the belt already and it works great! yeah the shirts are awesome for the humidity. I will have a better test when it is summer again though. wow dad that is fantastic that you are doing so well. I thought you were like plateaued so it is really good to hear your hard work is being noticed and acknowledged!  My prayers are with you and hope that time will work its self out!  Yeah I think Family history work and a Temple trip would be amazing for all of you!  I remember some of the crazy times we used to have going tubing in the mountains!  and as long as it was only her breath and not her teeth knocked out!   Dad you cant be getting old you are barely a day over 30!  I love you dad! have a great week and work hard!

G4: Did you go on any runs or just make your snowman? Oh my why are you cuteifying the men of the house (sweaters for the pets)?  :p  and yeah that movie sounds weird.  I am glad that fat cat will not be cold any more!  haha I love you G!

Love you all!
Elder Legg
Santa's favorite elves!!
Elder Phillips Elf Driving and Ty riding

Naughty or Nice??
(Definitely nice)

The Christmas tree his Secret Santa sibling sent traveled
well and takes little to no room to store....and if his Christmas
package ever catches up to him he has something
to put his gifts under

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