Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mail to Gray, GA

Sister Legg,
We had the Elders over for dinner tonight and I got to meet your son.  He was delightful and we look forward to having him here in Gray.  He seems to enjoy his companion Elder Jole who is from Utah and also loves vocal music.  His companion was in the MTC at the same time he was, but they were in different areas and never met.  We have a son who is a junior in high school and will be spending time with your son learning the ropes for his mission.  Thank you for him, we are always grateful for good examples.
A woman in our ward (in her 50s) lost her husband, surprisingly over the weekend.  Tonight is the viewing.  This area does not have a car, but we do have delightful senior missionaries, also from Idaho, Brother and Sister Macomber, who took the missionaries tonight.
Gray is a small town 20 minutes from Macon, Ga.  It has no major industry, more of a suburb to Macon.  It was originally a railroad town, with surrounding areas rich in Civil War history.  We have 5 stop lights, and 2 grocery stores.  We are full of loving people in our ward.  We are also a part of the Macon Stake which he has already served in when he was in Dublin and Warner Robbins.
Finally, As a family, we have a little tradition of surprising missionaries at Christmas time with a special dish from home.  Something that is traditional for their family at the holidays.  We've made desserts, appetizers, mac and cheese and even bruschetta once.  Just something that he knows I could not have possibly guessed was a favorite.  Any ideas?  And then a recipe so I get it right.  We'd love the help - just keep it a surprise for him.
Sister Malyn Perkins

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