Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Light the World!

Hey Everyone!

Alright so just for anyone who is unaware our church puts out a Christmas initiative.  This years can be found on "mormon.org".  It is called #LightTheWorld.  The whole idea behind it is that Christ is the light of the world and he spread his light through simple acts of service.  Christ no longer walks the Earth but his light can still be spread through each one of us. So basically Christ did this and so can you! There is one roughly 2 min. inspiring headliner video that outlines the whole ordeal.  Then for each day there is a theme of what Christ did and an advent calendar for simple suggestions of what you can do!  Also there are short 30 sec. videos for the theme of each day.  I am doing my part to spread Christ's light to the world and I challenge all of you to get started too!:)

A Christmas Message from Mormon.org #LIGHTtheWORLD ...
Jesus Christ is a perfect example of serving others. We invite you this Christmas season to #LIGHTtheWORLD and to serve others as Jesus did.

Everyone here is getting ready for the season. Decorations and lights are going up.  Since we have nice members we have been able to help put up Christmas trees with their families since we are missing out on it with our own families.  I love this season because not just the Gifts that we receive for family and friends but The gift of our lord and his spirit that comes in Jubilee.  Everyone is loved for God so gave his Begotten son and there is no greater love than a man doth lay down his life for friends!  Christ's sacrifice was for all and encompasses every last one of us!  We are more than just his friends but we are his brothers and sisters and family is a bond that knows no bounds.  God is our Loving Heavenly Father yesterday, today, and forever. Hope is in the air every moment but especially thick in the season of our Lord.  Seek to give and seek to help(#LightTheWorld) and this year I can promise will be your best Christmas Ever!  For Joyful and Triumphant are those who serve!

Mom: That is crazy about the car accident! are the roads Icy or snowy there or what do you think happened? (a high schooler died yards from our driveway)  Also noted I will not name any of my daughters Ashtyn!  Buckles save lives I will testify to that Fact! (He was in a car accident with his buddy Dylan & they rolled a car and walked away) Yeah Sister Fazure(Bill's sister) was telling me that Bill was retiring!  that is way crazy! haha there are not to many goats here but I have had a companion who only drank goat milk that was weird!  Being part of secret Santa is fine with me I think I can handle that!  Do I always get Gracie? It is like you read my mind I knew Jake and Hunter were the 5th and 8th I just didn't know which was who and I was going to ask!  So with Taylor I was listening to a great talk on depression from Holland. I do not know the name but try looking up Talks by Holland on Depression and see if you think it might help?  Oh Cindy sent me a Thanksgiving card. I sent her a thank you note already could you follow up on that and make sure she got it?  thank you oh and she mentioned she wishes you would take a moment and send her pictures of the wedding or fill her in on how it went? She is also going to send you my annual Ornament and me the card.   With Christmas coming up I do not know if you remember but for Trav being gone we put up his Babies first Christmas ornament so could you take care of that for me on the tree too please?:)  Oh and something I was thinking about that I do not know why but we have never been on a family temple trip!  Tali will be able to go soon and so Trav is not there and neither am I but could you do that for Taylor and Gracie and Tali? you and Dad take them to do Baptisms together I think that would be awesome! I love you mom!

Dad: well I am glad that you were able to start getting back on track with work after you r trip and time off!:)  I really liked inception so I am looking forward to getting to watch dr strange!  so the play house is owned by the girls parents of whom Elder Downs was dating before he left on his mission. fun fact.  sounds like a pretty awesome way to watch the christmas carol though! haha yeah I like plays I miss going out to the starlight mountain theatre!  yeah I had a great time with Grammy and Grandpa and am happy they could stop in to see me!:)  I love you dad!

Tali: what the I never got money for doing any babysitting, EVER!  Everyone has gone soft since I left!;) that is super cool that you got to experience a little of dads travels!:)  I love you sister!

G4: why are you and your friends all so dark!?:p that is scary stuff girl the melting witch from wizard of Oz still haunts me!  why is fat boy so huge do you feed him to much? (her cat)  do you not walk him? I am glad you had a good weekend! Love you Girl!

Tay: no worries man I will always forgive and love you!:)  especially over little things like an email I am just glad you are ok!:)  dude boxing is rough stuff! you can get muffed up in that junk dont you remember watching Rocky in the Fifth or sixth one where he is all sorts of messed up from his career!?  seriously though where has time gone cause that means you are right around the corner!  I can not wait to see the videos!:)   I love you man! Take care of yourself!

Love you all,
Elder Legg

Elder Legg with Flat Phillips
(A Christmas project from Phillips' Mom Jenny)

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