Monday, November 28, 2016


Hey everyone!

Ok so Happy late ThanksGiving to all! I hope your feasts and families and friends and loved ones are all well a safe!  For being my first ThanksGiving away from home it was different, but not bad.  I started off with a super hard leg workout(that has left me sore even today). From my soreness I fell coming down the stairs that led out of our trailer because my legs would not move as fast a gravity wanted me to! Then the two wards here in Columbus had a Turkey bowl where all of us elders tore it up for about 2 hours.  Then our feast parade began.  We first ate with the Elderly missionary couple the Youngers at 11 am. Here all of the missionaries in Columbus were invited.  Then already feeling slightly defeated by the day we headed on to the Weises for a second feast at 2 pm.  Here it was only the Flat Rock missionaries and we had some live music entertainment.  At 5 pm we had to trudge along to the Horns for yet another feast.  Here I mostly just ate dessert and was feeling the Turkey coma set in!:)  Finally we had our last meal at 7 pm with the Fosters.  Here we all broke out the guitars and ukuleles and ate more food! Here it was not so bad though because they had like egg rolls and shrimp and like Asian food so it was a change and my tummy found room!!:)

Also For Black Friday.  We had an early Christmas for one of the sisters who is going home!:)  we did a district secret santa gift exchange and we went over to a members to help them set up their Christmas tree and it was a blast!

Saturday My Grammy and Grandpa(moms parents)  were travelling through GA from SC to AZ.  They stopped in to visit me and took me out to lunch. We had a wonderful visit. It was super special since I will not get to see them at Christmas like I usually do so it was quite the treat!

Well we had our AC and heater go out and the Fridge this past week but the land lord is on top of things and took care of both of them within 24hours  so not a problem!

We got to see this super sweet old lady Mrs. Murrel.  She loves us to come over and we are her excitement and joy.  This last time we went over we danced with her and sang with her and I swear with left her 10 years younger!

G4: Have you and Trav not watched Lady and the Tramp? Siamese are evil cats!!!!!  Awe that stinks that Moana was a disappointment.  what did you get shopping? Love you sister make sure to spread you love and caring self!

Audrey: I miss the snow here they do get it but like one every 7 years or so. I did however get a flurry last winter.  I'm glad that you were able to have a good thanksgiving with the family. I hope the kittens are cute enough to overpower the evil of Siamese cats (Lady and the Tramp!)  yeah I miss the cold in the summer here but the cold here is not as low as in temperature but the humidity just like in the heat amplifies the chill to the bone! thanks for the prayers.

Tali: Love you too sis!  mmmm you like olive garden!

Trav:  dude That is sweet you got a bunch of freee food!  here for all 4 of our dinners there were 2 or more turkeys and it was SOO much food I was about to pop!  I am glad you got to see the fam and they helped yall out with the pantry!   as I have said before free or not siamese are evil bro!  and thanks for getting my stuff back! I can't wait to get home either man I love you!!

Mom: awe that is so cute sorry I was not great company.   It looks like you and Jenny had a blast together!!:)   yes I got the pictures and her package today!  Yeah I am very grateful to have been able to meet Phillips!  I am glad you made it safely home!  ha glad you got the girls trapped! Love you!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

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