Sunday, November 6, 2016

Letter from 10/20/16

Dear Family,
Well by the time you get this you will probably know my new green companion is Elder Smith from Star, Idaho.  He is a pretty cool guy, so I can't complain so far.  It is crazy being the trainer now because every time we do the 12 week training program I learn, I feel, as much as he does.  Having a new missionary has sure opened my eyes to how much different life is.  I just know how things work and do this and that and then now I have to explain everything and it is crazy how much I did not realize I have acclimated to. I am really enjoying relearning the basics though it is helping me become a better missionary.  Putting my confidence now with the new knowledge, well old knowledge I have forgotten about, to apply with those we are working with.  I really feel training is for the trainer to become a better missionary! I also feel just like it was yesterday I was with Elder Weigle role playing and teaching.  Well no crazy stories for right now, just letting you know I am good!
Elder Legg

This was in with his letter

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