Tuesday, November 15, 2016

There's a Snake in My Boot (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Allllllllllllllllllrighty then! So this past week I get home after P-day and am doing our nightly planning and I find a note from one of the sisters.  She had apparently seen my dress clothes on the chair, as I was changed and balling it up on the B-ball court.  So she had taken my planner and wrote some quirky little thing and I laughed and thought it was great!   Then later that Night I found something else though!  I took off my shoe and I pull out my insoles to let the foam repuff every night.  Well I did this and I started to shake out anything, such as sand, that might be in my shoe.  As I did this I found an unexpected visitor!  -ok so for you faint of heart it wasn't really a snake.... I just wanted to quote Woody-  It was a baby lizard, that I have no clue how it got in there or how long it was there?  As you can imagine, whether from my hard working man foot stench, or just squishing him, he was dead and super flattened! When it fell out I was a little freaked out because I did not expect that!!!!

Well I got to do some fun service this past week and get a great reward!  So a recent convert family, who is awesome and are strong members, have us over for dinner and Book of Mormon study every other Thursday night.  Well we did this last week and during this time they told us they were painting their front deck the next day.  We, of course, jumped on that and asked to help.  So they had us back over that next morning and then they fed us lunch. Then they invited us to dinner as well!  Not just to dinner at their house though, or just anywhere, but to the 4 WINDS!  This is the one and only local Cusseta Cafe.  Famous for their 1lbs patty Ranger Burger!  Everyone in town has talked about them, but I have never been. Well WE got there and there was no doubt in my mind what I was getting until I saw the menu!  There was a secret Burger called the Marine Burger you have to ask your waitress about, and so I did and it was a 2lbs patty burger!!!!! Soooooo of course, I got that one and smoked it in a battle of wills to the death! I ate that Burger so fast It was disappeared along with half of my Fries before the waitress came back to refill our cups(mind you we were some of few costumers in the Cafe at the time so she was able to make trips back quite swiftly).  It was so totally stupendous!

Also this week we had like a new missionary orientation meeting in Macon on Saturday.  It was like all day long.  Well I felt as though I needed a treat after sitting still for so long, so well behaved just as my momma taught me.  Well there is this well known peach farm called Lane's Southern Orchards.  It takes a little longer to get home going that way but it is on the way home so there was a few of us heading back that way decided to stop and check out what we had all heard so much about with Lanes Peach ice cream and shakes and cobblers!!!  I being the large food connoisseur I am happily tingled my taste buds and partook of all three!

Wow this was a food week! because Also last night Bill Reese's sisters Family and friends had us over for a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner!  Since their group who usually celebrates it together is not going to be able to on Thanksgiving. It was way good!  There was even a healthy pumpkin pie made with protein powder and other cool stuff! I do not like Pumpkin pie personally but I did have to try this one!

Mom: The South would very much agree with Aunt T on Butter makes all things better and the more there is the better it is!  So there was the one healthy pumpkin pie at the feast last night and there was another pumpkin pie that looked funky to me and then I found out it was spotted because there was so much butter in it it was pooling out even after being cooked!  Two things that make this part of the world go around is butter and gravy. I already emailed Grammy and Grandpa. Not back and forth but answered their questions.  Yes the food last night was good! The bike thing should be able to get worked out pretty quick and fine so Don't worry about that.  For Christmas yeah there is not really anything I need at this point?  Wants wise: you should send more hard form pictures please. And I do not know who or what a person would need, I do not have anyone or thing in mind right now but I will keep an eye out! Oh I could use a new electric razor!  Look at my mom the super star teacher!!!! Don't let the children or the mice take over! Ok I will be looking! Love you Mom!

Tali: Exterminator? Couldn't tay have just set up traps on his own?  haha I think she just wanted an excuse to have you clean and sort under the stairs!:p  haha it sounds like you had some fun with it though! One missionary has a sword and we cut some pumpkins with it on Halloween!:)  Dang a movie pallooza!  love you sis!

G4: There are no Zuppas here, but other missionaries know what I am talking about when I mention it and we all miss them!  Well you are emailing me so I am glad you did not really die!:p  haha I can't wait till you are in High school next year and than I will be back before you are even done being a Freshman!:)   Love you Girl!

Tay: Tell me how honor choir goes and good luck! Glad to hear you are still a great guy and volunteering.  haha congrats on having the cleanest room in the house! Trust me being clean and knowing how to clean will behoove you on your mission man!   Some missionaries don't care about it or don't know how and it is atrocious! Love you Bro!

Love you All!

Elder Legg

This looks just about identical to his old truck

(This picture made me laugh out loud!! It pretty much says it all!
Two Idaho boys found their BFF in Georgia.  They crack me up!!)

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