Friday, November 11, 2016

I"ve Never Seen a Flashlight Turned off So Fast!

Hey Everyone!

Alright let me just break it down for y'all what one small bit of a mission makes it all worth it.  We were out and about one morning a couple appointments fell through, but we made the best of it, and then it was finally time for lunch.  We were walking back and we met one of our investigators biking by on his way to work.  We stopped and talked and he told us he had to get this job done. He was working on and would probably not be home when we stopped by for our appointment later.  We said that is alright we will stop by anyways, just in case.  FAST FORWARD...  The time we had scheduled to meet with him had come and gone, just because unscheduled opportunities had presented themselves.  We had an option we could go and check if he was there now or go somewhere close and check after.  From what he had told us earlier Later was the better option.  However, we had to go close to his house to go to the other place, so I just said let's just check now and later if needed.  We did and as we approached he was on his porch with his head down.  Turns out he had his sister picking up his little girl from the bus.  His sister had called him and had to work late.  Then a neighbor called him and told him her car broke down and needed him to pick up her girl from the bus too.  He had to stop the job he was working on and go pick them up and had just gotten them 5 minutes prior.  He had gotten home and was stressed and slightly depressed due to not being able to finish the job he was working on that day because he needed the money.  We were able to meet with him and read scriptures with him.  As we were leaving he mentioned to us he was grateful that we had stopped by and that we had made his day.  He said he was really down and we were able to brighten his whole day to make it not so bad! I love being able to do that for people.  There was even another lady that day who we were also able to cheer up who we met for the first time.

Alright so I am training and My new missionary  He has not grasped the strength and protection of the Lord yet on our missions.  He is sometimes uneasy in some of the areas we go.  One area is called Cooper Hill.  This is like a redneck, meth addict, trailer park.  Home boy brings a flashlight and is flashing it around.  Then a couple of Ghetto boys approach us and ask what we are doing out there.  I reply we are missionaries and give them the sh-peel.  They ask a couple questions and are finally content, and then they start to walk off, and as they do the shout back "Turn off the light y'all be walking around like cops and gunna get jumped". I have never seen a flashlight turn off so fast! It was hilarious!

Good news: we got some comfy chairs for our trailer finally. And we re did the setup of our crib so that was nice.  Also Brother Jones came and took us into downtown Columbus for dinner and I had this super good Goat cheese and spinach unstuffed chicken thing! Also there was some homemade southern scrumptious butter pecan cake!!!!!! It was all so good. Oh and a yummy buffalo chicken dip and flatbread.

Bad news: my bike broke! Like the bearing shot out of my back wheel and the shifter switcher  thing snapped off.  I was close to the car though so it wasn't a long walk back.  It is ok though because there is a spare bike at the River Crest Elders so I will just take that!:)

Mom:  Yeah Sister O'Brien is super cool.  Um idk if you would get along with his mom or not? He talks about home so much and I really just want to shout at him that I don't care! However in all of his talking of home he never talks about his mom really?  haha wow yes thank you for teaching me about leap year and how to do math.  Yes run fast and make it out of wyoming!  also I have no Idea what I want for Christmas? Love you Mom!

Dad: Ok so first off you remember how you would tell us kids the disgusting story of a man you know who would snort a lougy and play with it in his mouth?  Well There is an old man here in a nursing home that we take the sacrament to every thursday.  He plays with his lougies!!!!! It is pretty dang grose and hard to look at.  I was looking at some old pictures and some newer one and I had noticed you were looking pretty good!  No for real a Tie is good I like having the collection! yeah let me know how the Hunt goes! Love you Dad!

G4: yes I do know Melissa and that is crazy.  It sounds like you had a super awesome Halloween!  I am sorry that the costume competition winners were not very impressive! I think mom is right middle school has warped your brain! liking demented over cute and cuddly! Love you sis! 

Tali: haha yes Aunt T should have known you get serious about your candy!  I am glad that you liked the movie and that you still enjoy the cute and cuddly stuff!!!! Good luck at cooking class make sure to tell me all about it! Love you girl!

Tay: Dude I miss the priest camp outs man! especially the ones to webers cabin.  Even though I was always the one planning them but that is ok because then you get all you want!:p  I was showing someone a video of Once Upon a December the other day! I love you man!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

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