Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Fright Night Y'all!

BOO! Hey everyone!!

Did I get you?

Well Happy fright night to you all(y'all)!  I unfortunately do not get to go out and about to night getting candy, but I am always dressed up so I have that going for me! right?  Well we were knocking doors this past week and there are some really cool decorations out.  One house we came to was all decked out with webs in the trees and zombies coming out of the ground.  There was just not any mercy and the whole yard was covered in ghoulish stuff.  Well like I said we were knocking and so we knocked this door.  We thought we had a great conversation starter about their decorations.  Well we knocked once, twice, three times and no answer.  We thought hmm that is weird there is a car in the driveway and we are pretty sure that we can hear the TV on inside.  Well we decide to take the hint and take a hike.  We just stepped on to the sidewalk and  we heard the door creek open.  We turn around to see an old man pointing his cane and screeching it is not Halloween yet and that he will not give any candy away until the 31st.  We, of course, chuckled a little that he thought we were trying to trick or treat early and that we had our "costumes" on.  As we started to try and correct his misconception he slammed the door defiantly.  Moral of the story:  missionaries are actually 18-26 year old's who don't want to grow up and still want to trick or treat and dress up all year round.  No this is not true!

We are representatives of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  We have been called by a prophet of God to share what we know to be true.  We have been set apart to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Last but not least we invite all men everywhere to come unto Christ through Faith, Repentance, Baptism and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.

This past week we were working out in a small country town in the bottom of our area.  We had been there since noon and we were both getting hungry but we were finding people to teach and we still had others to visit.  We were behind schedule on what we had planned to do but I know we were doing what the Lord had planned for us.  It was late in the evening and food was starting to press on our minds. This was  a distraction and making it harder to want to stay and see the people we still hadn't.  Well we made it worse and started talking about food.  Then we caught a most scrumptious smell of wings, ribs, and sausages on the grill. Elder Smith asked me how often we get true southern BBQ.  I answered with the honest reply of not to often really.  Just as we turned to corner to our investigators home they were the ones Grilling out!  They invited us in and offered us food and we were filled both physically and missionaryilly. Physically through the delicious BBQ that we were fed and missionarilly by it being a family BBQ and we got a few new investigators from their interest of what we were teaching their momma.

Mom: oh yes that is new news.  I hope the trunk or treat went well the one for our ward here was good. It was of course small as church gatherings are here but good none the less.  Nope I am going to rough this winter out I think without a shot! How was the show with the new person? yeah it is amazing to me how many missionaries and people we see do not think. They just never where taught. Yes in South Carolina in one of the counties there are graduates of High school who they allow through without being able to even read! whoop whoop look at you run! Aunt T emailed and said you are an animal! we know some of the same people.  um he is fine?  I can get along fine with him when it is just us but any time there is others around members, missionaries, or even investigators he tries to over do it and it gets on peoples nerves and I have been approached about it and had to confront him about it already so that is hard.  no I was ready for him to go! if I had to stay another transfer with him I might have cried.  even president knows how bad he is and sent me a long email last week thanking me for trying my best and being nice to him.  haha I just make friends really easy is all!:P Love you mom!

Tay: I only went to a ward trunk or treat and then we were invited to a ward members haunted house to help out on friday and in ate like 3 candies in all!  did you get lots of meet? Love you bro!

Dad: So you still get to do some travelling in your new position?  and yeah that would be sweet to get another cool thing from over there.  Everyone always says that I have a story for everyone of my ties and it is kinda true. I came out with I think 9 or so and now I have 40 something and all I have been given so it is pretty sweet! yes we will be on lock down it stinks but oh well we will watch some pros videos and play some dominos and farkle and bake cookies or something? Love you dad!

Tali: your costume looks great girl!!! and wow your hair is long!!!! stay clear here come the sugar rushed Talia Legg huh? wow you are going to have candy for days! Love you sis!

G4: wow for making most of your costume you did a fantastic job.  You look like a true steam punk girl!! you kinda remind me of off of the snerks! hope your partying is fun! Love you girl!

Love you all
Elder Legg
Just got this tonight...
"This is Sis. Collins from the Flat Rock Ward in Columbus, GA.  Wanted
you to have a group photo of your missionary in my son's home with my two
spooktacular dogs on Halloween.  They wanted to have their families
see this.  Thank you for raising such a great help to Heavenly Father"

1. Elder Phillips and I
2. Elder Phillips, sister O'Brien, and I
3. Elder Phillips, sister Walker, and I

Just kidding I'm not in the last one!:p

Tie Model
(All of the ties were made by our friend Carilyn)

South pride

Mailbox for my sister Gracie--- She'd totally have one like this

Another one

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