Friday, October 28, 2016

Getting Fat??? I Came Out at 173!! (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Well I am getting a new companion, and not just any companion, but a fresh off the plane one! Yes, I will be training a new missionary now. I will get him tomorrow morning and have a member send yall pictures of us! We had to go to Macon for a meeting on how to train and so we had a nice road trip early on Saturday! (The picture in the mission home in the previous post)

We had a stake fall festival this past week that all of the missionaries were invited to and we all got to do booths.  (pic on previous post) Our district did a plan of salvation bean bag toss.  Also I was selected to be a chilli taste testing judge.  One of the chillis had 2 Carolina Reapers and some other hot pepper cooked into it.  It was ok though, it was not nearly as hot and terrible once it has been cooked.  Because I survived that without any repercussions.  It was really fun everyone had a blast and lots of investigators and less actives showed up.  

At church we have been visiting a less active lady for about 3 weeks now and I always though you know she will come back she just needs some time.  She actually was able to make it to the Festival and we saw her a talked and we told her we would not be making it out to her house on Sunday to see them because we would be in Columbus. She replyed that is ok I will just see you at church then!?  The best part is she actually meant what she said and came to church!

Mom:  That stinks about soccer.  I am glad Taylor's braces and your root canal went well. Haha yes I try to get people to send lots of pics to you and most are more then willing. (I told him he must give my phone number to everyone he meets because I get texts from all kinds of different numbers/people) I met Bill's sister again at the  festival.  I think she was going to try and feed us this week!  I want Costa Vida. They have Chipotle here and I had some on Thursday but they don't smother their burritos and I had a salad anyways.  I wear a jacket inside because we keep the trailer cold in the mornins and nights because it is worth it for the afternoons. But I have never worn my large jacket and actually left it in a past area because of it to save room.  And it will get to freezing here at night in about another month or so?  So I wear a small jacket in the mornings and evenings. Not right now, but back in February and some of March. Love you mom!

Tay: dude you look good man and what is this I hear about you doing a man bun but no pictures of it?  good luck hunting and that stinks about soccer man! random question: how much do you weigh? (This was the question that started the brotherly trash talking/emailing) I weighed 152 this morning.  Love you!
From Taylor:  Holy Cow Dude you're getting fat!!
Ty:  Getting Fat??? I came out at 173!!
Tay: Mom says that's wonderful, but I say you don't wanna lose to much weight cuz I'll take you down when u get home!!
Ty: Whatever!:p

Dad: how long have you been in there? you were able to be in priest Q. for a little bit of travs tays and my years in there!  haha that is really funny about the mexican blaket and I would totally agree with him.  we went disc golfing this morning in a wilderness park and we saw some deer a mom and her two babies.  Hunting here is sitting in a tree stand for hours.  people down here are huge in turkey and wild hog hunting though!  good luck this week end! yeah I am having a good time here.  something other missionaries have told me I making investigators and just anyone around me feel comfortable.  That makes me happy because I feel like I am just awkward all the time!:p Love you dad!

Tali: oh you will make the cutest little purple vampress!!! pepper spray that is dangerous!! Love you!

G4: ahh pumpkin carving!!! I was knocking on a door this last week and I think there was a rotting pumpkin from last years halloween! it smelled gross!

Love you all
Elder Legg


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