Friday, October 28, 2016

Elder Smith

Hello Everyone!

Still in the same place.

Well my greenie is Elder Smith.  He is from Star, Idaho.  That is about 6 miles from Middleton where I live.  We did not know each other before we came out, however, we did know of each other.  We actually went to the same high school for a year.  Crazy small world out there!  He is into cars and mountain biking.  He is a pretty fun guy and we are working hard!  I love having the opportunity to train him though because I get to go back through and "teach" (more like relearn) the new missionary 12 week program.  So I get to go back to the basics and and build my self back up even stronger then before!  Plus having to be a even greater example to start someones mission off on the right foot pushes me to try harder each day and never be content.  To analyze myself and make sure I am making the good, better, BEST decisions. 

Yesterday I was welcoming people to sacrament meeting and one of the counselors approached me and asked me to share my testimony over the pulpit since a youth speaker had backed out or called in sick.  I had always heard that this happened to missionaries but, that is all.  I guess I was just in the right place at the right time.  I got up and shared my testimony.  If you know me I like to have things prepared when I get to give talks or anything of that sort.  Being put on the spot I tried to prepare quickly.  I read some scriptures and prayed and pondered what to say. I got up and shared my testimony. Once I got down I wondered if The message I wanted to convey was even received? After my trying to listen to the spirit it, to me, sounded more like babbling.  In complete honesty I had felt I had let the member of the bishopric, who had asked me to speak, down. Well that evening, we were actually scheduled to eat at His house for dinner.  Feeling the way I did, and having a new missionary, (so it's good practice to spring things on them) I told him to share the spiritual thought as we walked in.  We ate and he shared his thought and then the member, as if knowing I questioned my effectiveness on touching anyone earlier, asked me why I bore my testimony on the topic I had?  I told him it had come up in my studies that morning and peaked my interest.  He then preceded to share with me that if it touched no one else it touched him!  That for some reason when scrambling to find some one to ask to speak my name popped in his head.  He followed that prompting and within my testimony it gave him comfort and guidance in his heart as he had been questioning an aspect of his life.  This experience testified to me and I testify to all of those who read this that the Lord hears and answers.  That the spirit of God is the teacher of truth in all things and that our Lord and Savior knows what we all as individuals need and when!

Mom: yeah I am the district leader still and training. being a district leader and trainer happens a good amount because if you are trusted to be a DL than President can usually trust you to train? mostly!  that is nice! we are encouraged to go and get them BUT I probably will not and hope and pray I do not get sick! (flu shots) I am getting woozy reading about your shots!  I got the package from Carilyn today!  I dont like skyview! haha she does know that eventually she will grow and I do not want to have to grow with her to stay 100lbs more her whole life!:p (Tali was mad he lost weight because when he left they were 100 lbs apart and she liked it that way)It hit the low 90's here this last week but also the last 2 days have been cool in the low 70's so I do not know what the weather will be like? Love you mom!!

Dad: yes Go BSU!!!  looks like the hunt was quite successful!!! and did you really get a deer or is that just you with one of the other deer heads in our front yard?  that sounds like a great weekend to me!!! where was jace called?

G4: I am glad that you are a surviver this week of shots, 1st quarters, and movie liking!!!!:)  my new companion is alergic to cats and that is sad because there are a lot of cats in the south!  poor Jo. Love you girl!

Tali: mmmm donuts that sounds yummy I haven't had any of those in a good while!!!:p  oh holy cow I keep forgetting you are in middle school now that is weird! tell you what I will stop losing weight if you stop getting bigger! deal? ok Love you sis!

Tay: yeah that sucks about skyview!  you are looking quite fine bro if only your hair matched your smile!:p  sounds like the hunt was pretty good!  and nope first buck will always be my first year of hunting it was buck jr.  back off my title boy!:p  in all honesty I will miss not going to the webers to cut up the deer.  and make sure mom sends me videos of the concert ok!? and good luck man!!! love you!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

Moving on...

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