Monday, October 10, 2016

Ants in My Pants (literally)

Hey Everyone!

So there were a couple of really fun events this week!

First, I was able to take part in my very first Spanish lesson.  I went on exchanges with one of the Spanish elders on Wednesday and they had a couple lessons with their Spanish investigators planned.  I do not speak Spanish and so I just got to sit there and smile as they talked about the gospel.  Something really cool, even though I do not know Spanish, as they read out of the scriptures I was able to follow along with ease out of my English set. Also we taught a German lady and she read in German and we could follow along in our English sets too it was a really cool experience!

Second, I had my first experience with ants in my pants.  We were taking a picture one day and an ant swarm tried to attack me, but I escaped, but something was determined to get me this week! We went to go and talk with a less active lady at her trailer later in  the week.  She is recently going through and divorce and the husband took all of the porch chairs so we just had to stand outside as we talked and shared a message.  Well what I did not realize until too late, the section of the porch I was standing on(it was dark already) was covered in ants.  They apparently did not like me there and started to crawl up my leg.  These were very small ants so I could not feel them until they were not in a very kind region and decided to start biting.  Then I did a very strange interpretive dance, just as how you may imagine, slapping and jumping and screaming a little!

Third Service does pay off!  We were walking down the road on Saturday morning heading home for lunch when I saw a guy struggling to put up a canopy tent by himself.  I walked over and offered our services. He happily allowed us to help him.  This tent ended up being broken and missing pieces and was a puzzle to put up.  In the end it was not meant to be and we never actually got the tent up.  However,  the event the tent was for was a pastor's anniversary where they were putting on a fish fry. And the guy we had been helping turned out to be the pastor and he got us some free lunch from the fish fry for helping him out!!!

Fourth I was asked where I was from this past week.  I replied Idaho.  The person said oh that makes sense you have that country boy accent goin on!:p

mom:  I am just fine no hurricane or weather for me I am to far in main land for storms now. You should send the pictures to us! The weather tricked us here. It was down in the 80s most of the week last week but then now it has been back in the low 90's the last couple days and you could not believe the difference it makes 80s-90s. I hope that the root canal goes well and works this time! You just have a weird attraction to the bullies! Love you mom!

Tali: wow that sounds like tons of fun!   I wish I could have come! I love you Tali!

Tay: Good luck in district man!!!! I love you and go fight win!!!!!

G4: is that your  first time going to a hot springs out in the wilderness?  and I bet I have been up down and across worse than what you went on! I am glad you had fun and I love you G!

Dad: That trip sounds like it was tons of fun.  I am glad Karston was ready for more!:p what are we going to do with that kid!?  holy cow it is deer season already isnt it?  wow that is crazy!  the dear over here are such a joke!  they are alll like check out my 12 point and you know its counted all of the points on both  antlers and they are thin and not wide spread and they are just not impressive at all!  I am glad the horses are doing well! and I love you too dad!!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

"Remember this and me busting my head open and it getting super glued back?"
Look it's the same sage by our door

Just a toilet on someone's porch so I decided to strike a pose

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