Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference

Hey Everyone!

General Conference was this past weekend and wasn't it great!?   Due to me having to be at the Fort Benning branch I unfortunately had to miss the majority of the Sunday morning session but I was able to watch all of the rest! A fun little fact: Elder Meurs and Uceda both spoke in General Conference and they were both just in our mission a few weeks ago for a mission conference.  Here are a few things I took away from Conference:
1. Christ's gospel is  for the one, everyONE!
2. Gear down, power up, and serve!
3. Are we praying or just saying prayers? 
4. You lift me, I'll lift thee, we can lift each other to Eternity!
CHALLENGE: Read the Book of Mormon everyday as a family.
PROMISE: Testimonies and families alike will grow and strengthen.

The basic trainees on base are awesome! This past week there were 17 investigating the church and taking lessons from the missionaries. Out of those 17, three of them have set a date of when they want to get baptized and all of the rest of them said they wish to continue on with the lessons and are considering seriously being baptized.  

As far as this week went there was not too much to it.  We had our first District meeting of the transfer finally in week 4(there are 6 in a transfer).  The AP's came down and we basically had a mini zone meeting instead with 16 of us there.  The entire Augusta Zone only has 18 in it.  Afterwards though we had a super generous and amazing member pay for us all to go out to Red Lobster for lunch.  We watched Saturday conference with the Shilling Family and Sunday with the Ellis family.  I went on Exchanges with one of the Spanish Elders.  Thankfully they planned accordingly and had all English speaking investigators for me to meet with. 

Mom: no I am good without voting on the mission we do not become well enough informed. Thanks for the bank info I was wondering if you were going to get it or not!:)  haha yeah one of the other missionaries didn't have his bank info either and so we both looked like chumps!:p  We both knew our moms would chew us out and we had a good laugh about it!:p yeah I saw gunner before it even zoomed up on him also I thought I saw Hunter Kunz was she in it?   ok I know who President Frasure is and I have not seen his wife yet and I'm not sure if I would remember her if I did because I know we talked when she was up there.  That is cool she is in Flat rock though!  holy cow running woman you could do a half marathon!  Yes Brother Oscar is a really nice guy!  I am glad school is going good for you and your students!  That stinks about the flu mist but if I recall Gracie cried for either the shot or the mist so it shouldn't change much. Love you Mom!

Tay: Dude good job tying Caldwell man!! and of course good luck for skyview!  no pictures of you all dressed up cute or anything?  I love you man!

Tali: did you have Creed on a leash or just walked with him roaming close?  OH NO not the Halloween stuff already!;)  haha it is so crazy to me it is Halloween time already!   there are some houses already decorated down here as we go knocking.  For Halloween we will be placed on lock down though. Love you !

G4: I am glad you got to see a good movie and find cool stuff and get your dinner done the way you like it...plain!:p  make your own costume huh? wow yes I will need pictures and "steam punk" that sounds kind of scary!!!! Love you!

Dad: well I am glad you are not being so stressed and used in this new position as you were in the last one.  shooting sounds so fun right now I was talking with some of the basic trainees about there range scores and the ranges sound pretty fun with moving and pop up targets!  um I dont really care about what picture goes on the plaque if you have to send another one go for it? The original or a new one doesnt matter to me!

Love you all!!!
Elder Legg 

oh and I got this suit for free this week! and yes those pants are slightly bell bottomy!!

forgot clothes on an exchange and turned this into this! thanks to trav and tay for their style lessons

1-2 me and elder phillips
3-5 proof we watched conference oh and I got a haircut

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