Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hey Everyone & Happy Birthday Mom!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Birthday(29) Mom! I love you and hope you are spoiled!

Well mom is not the only one to have hit a milestone this week. I have now made it to 13 months.  Downhill here I come!

Alright so there were Transfers this last week and I stayed in Gray. I did get a new companion though. His name is Elder Davis. He is from Oakley, UT, near Park City.  He has been out for about 20 months now.  He is one of eight kids.  We have served around each other before and been on exchanges and are super excited to be serving together.

Being in Gray reminds me of Valdosta.  We get fed pretty well and we do lots of biking and knocking doors.  The ward is very nice though and help us all they can.  In fact this past week I was very excited we were invited to go and watch the Jones County High School Varsity soccer game.  They got whooped on 5-2 by Putnam County, but I enjoyed the chance to watch.  Right before Elder Jole left he also came with me on Pday to shoot around at the high school and play a little soccer.  Elder Davis was a cross country star and so I get to run in the mornings again! And he did not play, but likes soccer, so I will hopefully get to play it more for Pdays in the future!  Also another opportunity has popped up to possibly help coach soccer here which I would Love.  One of the members wants me to help coach their kids team since it is the first year that Jones County has had a 13-14 year old boys team, and they are not good. They need help!

Just since Elder Davis has been here though we have been engaged in the Grind (the battle royal between your body and mind).  We have been putting our noses to the ground and working our tails off. We are exhausted every night and sore each day.  We are seeing the results of our efforts though.  We have found new people to teach and contacted people I have been trying to for weeks now. I know that when work is expelled Faith is shown and miracles can happen, that is what we can see everyday if we give it a chance!

Elder Davis and I also found a little hole in the wall called Treasures by the Tracks Cafe. We both liked it a lot and it is cheap enough we have decided to become once a week regulars there!:p  It is a little antique shop slash sandwich stop.

Mom: I am not sure where Locust Grove is? but North of Macon is where I am at.  I work hard to keep it so I have no belly! I have heard and seen far too many horror stories of weight gain on the mission. Especially ours. On average people gain 30 lbs in our mission!  It is crazy!  I need the insurance info so I can make an appointment at the Ortho and get new retainers I keep forgetting to ask! Oh and mothers are always right! You called it, Elder Smith is now back to only 6 miles away from you.  He went home yesterday. They have just closed the Cusseta area.  No missionaries are there any more. And funny thing Smith fell through the floor of the trailer!:p  Oh and Brother Jones is coming to see me tomorrow! And you should have a package today from me.  You can not open it till tomorrow though!  Yeah if you ask any serious runners what the first thing you should do to get serious about running is they will tell you to get good shoes!  so it is a little late but better late than never!:) Oh and mom everyone down here has cats and dogs and there are tons of strays. Did you ever get that stuffed pepper recipe? Well we have to go now I love you mom and hope your Bday is great and that you love my Present!
 Happy birthday mom I love you!

Tay:  Dude thanks for hooking me up with the guitar tabs and ok if I think of anything I will make sure to let you know! dude how are our girls basketball teams such beasts dude?  Good luck with the accordion and when you have learned it some you will have to send me a short video. Love you Tay!

Tali: Well I hope you had fun on the ski team!  And we have our self a science girl huh?  good job! are you riding horses now?  I hope you enjoyed the days off and stuffing the bag! I love you sis!

G4: A Charmeleon?  Don't you know those are dangerous and breath fire? oh, oh you said Chameleon!  Ok that is a little safer.  What is up with you all getting all of these animals now that I am gone? That is pretty cool you got to build a cage though!  Yeah playing a bad person in plays can be difficult you have to be ok not being liked!  But it seems like you drama kids are mean anyways!  Just be nice to the new girl, you do not have to be her friend but be nice! I love you Grace!

Dad: yeah it is 75 today and we are in short sleeves all the time and sweating already here! I know about the spring fever. With all the soccer practicing going right next to our house since we live next to the high school I got the fever.  I have been around some horses here and it makes me want to ride so bad!  And If I find any more coons I will make sure to try and get more picks!  For sure to bring home for you and trav!  And maybe gracie?  Thanks for getting the books!  I love you dad!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

Me on Valentine's Day

Pretending to be a jockey 

Me and Elder Davis

Historical Gray and Confederate Generals

More history 

They do a mock battle of the Civil War that happened here once a year.
This is in Clinton an old part of Gray

Buttermilk Pie
One of his favorites!
A member found a recipe online & made it for him

On an old barn in Clinton

This is a recipe he really liked and had the lady text it to me

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