Saturday, February 18, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey everyone!

Happy Valentines Day and if you do not have a Valentine you can claim me!

Pucker Up!

HEART ATTACK we sent him
Since we are hurting for people to teach at the moment we just dedicated one day this week to nothing but knocking.  We did find a couple of potentials to try back, but nothing solid yet. However, we ran into a preacher. Now preachers always see us and feel like they need to set us straight and EVERYONE is a preacher down here!  Well this one felt the same. He was asking all of these questions about what we believed and it ended up starting a rant from him.  Well as he got cooking we were on his porch and he starts to call for the collection plate.  Now for anyone who is unaware in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints no one is paid, not from those who teach the children to the prophet.  All is volunteer work, out of our devotion to God, even my mission.  His mother runs out of the house with an ashtray trying to get us to cough up money to pay for his time and the conducting of the spirit for us to hear truth.  We told them we were not going to pay them bore a simple testimony of the Savior and walked away, being called all sorts of colorful words. That is not the spirit of truth I know, to holler out profanity at someone trying to spread the word of Christ. Just for the gain of money.

There is a wonderful family that invites us over for meals all of the time and they try to help us out as much as they can. They are not members and do not have the desire to become members but are wonderful people who love the missionaries.  Well their daughter is in FFA and had a project.  This Saturday they were selling homemade jams/jellies and goat soap.  It was a little money out of our pocket to help them, but completely worth it to have the opportunity of giving back.  Plus we got delicious wild berry jam and autumn song scented goat soap.

If you know my family than you know we own a Model-T.  Well I have grown up around these cars and love them.  I have missed being around them and riding/driving  in them.  Sadly I still have not seen one down here, or been around one down here.  However, the elderly couple the McOmbers, who serve in Gray with us, have a VW Bug convertible.  Today we went on a trip and it was pretty enough to put the top down. It was wonderful and sunny.  Well the sound of the wind and breeze in my hair reminded me of riding in the T's.  It was such a good taste of home!

Me & Brer Rabbit!! 

So now on to the trip we took this morning!  I am in Gray, GA and that is about 26 miles from Eatonton, GA.  Fun fact about Eatonton, GA it is the home of the Turnwold plantation.  This may not mean anything to many of you.  However, do the names Joel Chandler Harris or Uncle Remus ring a bell?  Joel Chandler Harris is the author of the Tales of Uncle Remus, such as Brer rabbit and the tar baby and the rest of the Brier gang.  Turnwold is the Plantation owned by Joseph Addison Turner who also produced "The Countryman" paper.  He hired Joel Chandler Harris as an apprentice to the paper as a 14-15 year old boy.  As a young boy he would listen to the stories of the plantation slaves and was fascinated by them.  Later he published them for the world.  There are 185 Brier adventures that have been translated into 27 different languages and he has written over twenty other books not pertaining to the Brier adventures.  Well since all of this happened in Eatonton, GA we went to the Uncle Remus Museum they have there. It is really cool! It is constructed of 3 different old slave cabins put together. They have some of his first edition books. They teach you about the coming forth of the stories. It was fascinating especially since I grew up with my momma telling me the story of Brer rabbit and the tar baby.  Also all of Walt Disney's movies, until Song of the South(about the Brier adventures) were all animated.  Song of the South had an actor for Uncle Remus though, and that was the first hired actor by Walt Disney ever!
The Museum

That is the original wood of the slave cabin and the ax marks are because it is so old there were no saws for a clean cut, but they actually had to hatchet them to the shape they needed.

Ooops!! Wrong one!
That is better!

No I have not been to any Civil War stuff yet but there is some in Gray I will try and get you some pics for next week, it is part of Gray now but it is a little section called Clinton and there was a battle there and they do a reenactment each year of it in that part of town!

Mom:  Friday fun days are back baby!!!!  That is awesome that they decided to do your ideas!  I do not even know if I have ever seen that much sugar in one place!:p (Gracie's bday party) oh we had ward conference Sunday though and they do potluck/linger longers after those here and man there was food for miles!!!!! I almost died, Buffets are not good for me!!!!  When I get home I totally want to apply to be an EFY counselor and BYS one too! I will plan on taking of the summer from school and doing that!  EFY would be better though because it is longer and there is money in it.  What?? I want to go to a Train concert!  Not fair!  and good luck with conferences! oh and did you get that stuffed bell pepper recipe? It is way good! It kinda taste like jambalaya! Love you mom!

Tali: You let the pancake beat you? haha it sounds like you had fun!  and what you are letting lulu take over the T?  I was just missing that thing! and now I here it is dusty and catty, rude!;) Love you sis!

G4: It sounds like your bday was wonderful!  I still do not believe you are 14!  "you bad"!:p so basically you had lots of girls hyped up on sugar for 7 hours? That sounds scary!  yeah the lego movies are kinda random!   I'm glad your bday was great and the party too! I love you Grace!

Tay: Dude where did you get a TV from?  Of course yours won, the Valencias make great food and have you tasted your momma's cooking?  It kinda ruins you for a lot of other people's, oops! Dude I went to a music store this week too because I need some guitar stuff!:p  and the accordion? Dude that will be sick!  I am glad you tore it up at the Dance as a proper Legg should!  Hope your speech goes well! also thanks bro for having my back you're the best!  Love you Tay!

Dad: Love you!

Love you all!
Elder Legg
Autumn Song Goat Soap

Bigfoot Sighting

My Newest Ride
(Funny thing is, he made that same exact face
when he was 3 years old and would ride something
like that!!)

Japanese Magnolia tree, they are way pretty!!

Sunrise everyday out our back door

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