Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Have Broken That Barrier & Am Never Looking Back! 2/6

Hey everyone!

Alright well the nature of this work struck this week and hit hard. For whatever reason just nothing went our way this past week and not much happened.  I went on two exchanges and both were awesome.  On the first one I was with Elder Whitchurch and he taught me how to solve a Rubik's Cube all on my own!  I have known how to solve one layer for years now, but that is as far as I could get. No longer will that be the case!  I have broken that barrier, and am never looking back!  Then on the second one, I was with Elder Gillins.  We were going to go serve in the garden, but then we got to have more fun. We got to help him burn a bonfire and his grass.  That is a thing down here apparently?  So some yards have two types of grass planted and it is green all year round!  Then there are those who have grass that dies in the winter, and they burn it every winter to help it stay healthy.  That was all that really happened this week though, sad I know!  I knocked a lot of doors and it got slightly chilly.  We are trying to find people to teach right now and things are just slow at the moment in Gray, GA!

Mom: Wow sounds like your trip was amazing!  I am glad you had fun!  Yeah I was pretty surprised the Pats won.  Last we had heard last night was 3rd quarter 27-3 Falcons and then we woke up to the Patriots won! We were like what?  Sounds like a game I will have to watch when I get home!  Yeah so like I said not many are Falcons fans here. Well the whole day before, and all over the corners here, and all the sports stores were packed for people to get Falcons gear.  Since no one is too big of a fan no one had anything.  So last minute everyone was buying stuff. It was hilarious!  Oh my gosh your Super Bowl foods sounds so yummy! I was missing the treats so bad! (He asked what we ate, I didn't try to torture him) We had home made lasagna and salad and home made rolls last night.  And we were just having a member send a text update anytime there was a score.  It sounds like it was nuts! I went to bed thinking Atlanta had it in the bag! I did get my package too.   Love you mom!

G4: I agree mom should have taken me on her trip too! (Math Conference in San Diego)  and thanks for the movie update! love you Grace!

Tali: I hope you enjoyed the baptism and the shower!  Yes at baby showers there are lots of clothes and I can see Theresa  loving to shop for baby clothes, especially for her grand baby.  That is awesome that Hunter and Taylor got to exercise there priesthood power and be a part of the Baptism! Love you girl!

Tay: Dude you got to be a witness at Karsty's baptism? that is sick!!!!  You were organizing your room what the what did  not know the SUPERBOWL was on?  I missed the best Super Bowl yet. Dang it!  Oh well thank goodness for recordings now!:p  How were the commercials and halftime? I love you man!

Dad: I love you!

Love you all,
Elder Legg

Elder Whitchurch & me

Rubik's Cube Solved it!!

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