Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ripped Pants & Lost Ring Already!!

I got your jeans, but haven't opened the package yet.  So not sure which ones they were, but Lee brand sounds right. Not sure when I will get to email you next, but I have a few minutes now!:)
 I love you and this week has been eventfull! I don't have time to tell right now. 
I did how ever rip my first pair of pants already!!  But the seamstress is taking care of me!!!!:)  
 I have lost my CTR ring again! :(   And ha, will need a new one please!!!!!.  Size 11.5.
(Take note of the word.....AGAIN!!!)
 And FYI.... if everyone is on time, (someone in Dylan's group was late, & that made them all late to the SLC airport, & that made Dylan not be able to call him mom until he got to Atlanta, & he had to borrow a stranger's phone, & he only got to talk to his mom for a few minutes, & that made her very cranky!!)  I should be able to call you on Monday somewhere from 7-8 AM from the airport!!!!:)  Remind me to tell you about my investigators in my next large email.

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