Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2 Idaho Boys Headed East

Tyson & his best friend Dylan meet up at the MTC
Dylan headed to the North Carolina Raleigh Mission on 1/25
 one week ahead of Tyson going to Macon

Later Dylan wrote letters to his mom and said:
"Tell Mama Legg that Tyson will be fine.  The Lord is watching over him.  And tell her thank you for the package she sent me.  I am so busy it's hard to write when I have a lot to prepare for, but tell her thank you and I appreciate the package.
I love you both and tell Mama Legg that Elder Legg only had one black eye when I found him haha!"

(Dylan thinks he's so funny! No black eye--just busting my chops)
Carilyn said: That was for you in one letter.

"I found Tyson, or Elder Legg, so that was exciting!  He is in both of the same buildings where our classrooms and dorm rooms are, so that is great!"
Carilyn said: That was in the other letter

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