Saturday, January 30, 2016

We Do Tons of Praying Here (pics)

Hey mom doing some laundry hows your day!?:)

Hello!!:)  Well idk if you're going to get on, but  if you don't um I taught lots of lessons this week.  I taught a man named Jonathan who is atheist and was abused as a child.  And I became very close to him in just this last week.  We taught him for the last time yesterday, and it was really cool to see his faith grow, even though he tried to deny it!!!  Then we have been talking to a woman, Miranda.  She is attending BYU, and is from Floirda, and Baptist.  She came here with her boyfriend.  Then he went on a mission and is getting back soon. He said he wanted her to start talking to the missionaries if she wanted to date him when he got home.  She has some doubts in her own religion.  We have been able to show her things that align with her own beliefs from our gospel and she is trying to learn.   We teach her one last time in a few minutes and have enjoyed our time with her as well.  No matter what though, if the spirit was not in our lessons, or even gone for part of it, then that part of the leasson, or the entire lesson stunk.
We do tons of praying here and that is just the best way to have the spirit.
On a nother note, in my junior district I have one of President  Monson's grandsons.  We did a Skype lesson today with a member from our mission.  That was tons of fun. 
I will send a letter soon!! I promise!!  And they were the right jeans!!  And thank you so much for the mail support it has been great!!!!!!!:) 

I love you dearly!!!!
Talk Soon,
Elder Legg

Maybe this is how he ripped his pants & lost his ring!!

The District


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