Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Months!

Hey Everyone!

Well it is official I have made it to 7 months out and still goin!

So this week we were challenged by our mission President to up our goals and actions in teaching more lessons.  We already had our goals set for this week and it was set for 7 but we decided to bunker down and try our best to beat it this week.  We ended this last week with 12 other lessons and carried the districts........... wait to reach our goals set! We felt pretty good about ourselves!

Part of being a missionary is being in the service of your fellow men.  Whenever an opportunity presents itself we rise to the occasion.  Well we also here in Valdosta help a food bank out every Wednesday.  This week there was a new missionary meeting in Macon.  Since both other sets of missionaries have a new missionary, Elder Downs and I were the only ones able to go.  We were able to get everything done that they were going to assign all 6 of us by the 2 of us.  When we were done the boss of the facility came in and checked things out and was so impressed he offered us both jobs on the spot!  Of course we are missionaries so we declined. It is always good to help others out though and to know you are able to be successful in bringing ease and joy to others!  We help lots of people move all of the time especially in military towns and so a little joke is we are missionaries first and professional movers second.

As I mentioned earlier we met with our mission president this past week and so I was able to have a personal interview with him and ask if I could serve as a rec. soccer coach.  I have not gotten an answer yet, but he is thinking and praying on it.  A lot of it depends on if I stay in Valdosta another transfer or not. He did like the idea of getting involved in the community more and getting our image further spread. I am Hopeful and crossing my fingers that I can, but I will follow the Lord's will for me wherever it takes me!

So this August has been strange.  This is usually the hottest month of the year and the most brutal. This is all I have heard from the other missionaries and locals.  Well for the first 2 weeks it has been stormy and overcast and not hot.  It was in the 80's about for a good amount.  Well this last week August found itself.  We had the entire week of low 100's with 90% plus humidity each and everyday.  That will melt lead I swear! Always tons of fun though!

Well as all know, football is huge in the South! Football is especially large in title town USA. One of the schools here just moved up to 7A and has like 3,700 kids I think. The other is still 6A.  Since they are not in the same division any more they will not play during the season, so they held an opening to football season Winnersville classic Friday night where the two town rivals dueled it out.  They used the division 2 college Valdosta State University's stadium.  There were roughly 20,000 people at the high school football game!  There was a cop mobile command center out and all the cops in town were there.  It was insane the amount of people there.  People were parked in the local parks and on the grass islands in the parking lot. It was quite the experience. Valdosta High the title town school won against Lowndes High 38-13.

Dad:  I am glad Trav and Audrey made it safely home.  Yeah the soccer videos were great and Tay looks like he got hit hard.  haha yeah the pepper was not much fun I am surprised you tried any of that chilli!?  well I have some big news for you! I met a guy this week named Scooter.  and he is a red neck, hunting, dog breeding fool!:p  I had to try so hard not to laugh when I heard his name!

talia:Oh my gosh you are in middle school this year huh?? what the what?  that is nice having all of the classes in the same hall.  and yeah I have been sick too here lately. but not throwing up that is bad!:/ hope you feel better girl I am praying for you! Love you!<3

Tay: what is up Slayer? yeah that rocket to the crotch did not look very friendly. (see video) I am glad to hear that you are rocking it though!   sounds like you need to toughen up that defensive line though they cant just rely on you! what if something happens? just like it did they have to be able to stand for 7 minutes alone! love you bro!

G4: oh girl life just sounds so hard to be you with school being your Horrors of life!:p  you with your comp books will be the talk of the school I am sure! and good I am glad you got your blessings!

Mom: yeah building up go go go stamina is hard.  wow there have been lots of teacher and coach changes lately huuh?  that sucks about leah's knee!  yeah I remember brother Hollinger and there is a guy here in the ward that is form Emmett so that is cool.  cameron will get fed well there! a member served there a while ago but he came back fat.  I hope kylie is able to go back out quick also I remember her having the homesick problems.  yeah we have been hearing lots about the olympics and it sounds like we are killing it like always!  yeah so what was travs bachelor party? what are their plans?
Also could you send some drop box links to me with videos of some of the FX stuff I was in please?

Love you all!

Elder Legg

southern pride billboard on freeway

Valdosta downtown

One of Georgia's bugs


Ghetto Sled

More Ghetto Sleds

The guys

Elder Benesh is bored

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