Monday, August 22, 2016

Reptiles & Rain (pics)

Hey everyone!

Well first things first....... Congratulations on Travis's wedding.  Somehow he found someone?  From the depths of my heart really though, I hope they are happy!  Best of luck Trav I love you!

Well my week I do not think was nearly as exciting as the one it sounds and looks like they had at home, but we will see if I can't try to dazzle someone with what I did?

So the weather has been odd for an August down here everyone keeps telling me.  August is supposed to be the hottest month of the year here, but last month was definitely hotter.  It has been too stormy lately for tons of heat to role in.  The lightning and thunder and rain though have been quite fierce.  So even though the storms are keeping us from being drenched in sweat, we are still being drenched.  Yeah my duck feather hair was even soaked through--my hair repels water like duck feathers. Every apartment I have been to has had a fan. It is good to sleep with for the summer and to dry things out with!  And yeah it has done a good job. However there is no way a little bit of God's fury can keep his missionaries down.  We go out wind, rain, or shine. So on Wednesday we were biking along and we got caught in a storm. Elder Downs said it was not safe to bike in the low visibility, but that has never stopped me from spreading God's word before.  I told him that is why we have lights on our bikes, and we are going to do work.  I knew of a referral family near by I had tried before with elder Hiatt, but never found anyone home, so we could try them.  We bike over and knock on the door while emptying out the puddles from our shoes under their porch.  She was actually home and at first told us she was too busy, but noticed our quite rugged and wet condition, so offered us some towels.  This led to us talking for a little while longer, and her telling us her husband was on his way home from work, so we could wait around a bit and come in when he got there and teach them.  So that is exactly what we did!  We taught them, they invited us back the next day for another lesson, and we will go back in a week to follow up on their reading and commitments!  God blesses those who are willing to do his work and do not let satan stand in the way of this I testify!

We have been working with the Dawkins, and he is  less active and she is not a member.  He told us this last week he is ready to come back, and is just waiting on his sweetheart to be comfortable.  He is cheering inside that she accepted the gospel but does not want to have any influence on her conversion.  He is awesome and so is she! I love this family and hope they continue to progress to eternity together!

Stake Conference was this week and Elder Satati of the 70 came.  He gave great talks and was an intimidatingly large statured man!  Something that stood out to me is that fear of rejection from friends, family, colleagues, or strangers about sharing your religion or beliefs should be non-existent. When you share the Gospel they only reject the Father and the Holy Spirit who are truly testifying of truth to them.

Something cool about this week is that we met a reptile enthusiast.  He owns and tames exotic/aggressive reptiles.  He has/tames a Nile Monitor that is about 3 1/2 feet long right now, but will get to be about 9 feet long and I held it on my shoulder.  He also has a Asian Monitor that will get 10 feet long. He also has an iguana and some massive snake?    I did not mention Reptile Gardens.  And we are going to his reptile store later today to check out more cool stuff!!

Tay:dude holy cow I have not seen a picture of you in a long time and your hair is out of control! don't you know on varsity everyone is going to out run you because of you wind drag?????  I am glad things are going good with you and that the truck is getting looking and running good!

dad: well I am glad that even an imposter of me has still got it!  yeah the pictures all looked great and like everyone had tons of fun! haha you finally got you Slide on huh? people have made comments to me on how you are looking skinnier. Love and miss you too!

Talia: No pics of your nails? haha I am very glad I was a good dancer and you were able to enjoy me!!:) What Trav didn't dance with you??? you looked very cute going down the aisle.  I love you too!!

G4: I am glad that even though it was travs big day that you still got pampered also!:) I love you girl!

Mom: I am glad you made it through the wedding and week.  sounds like everyone had a blast and that you put on quite the party!  no it does not seem real to me he is married.  I keep thinking how weird it will be when I get home. you looked very nice and I got some emails on how you looked like hot stuff. I am glad things went smoothly and happily this week! I do not know yet I have the meeting tomorrow? (about coaching) He is a nice awkward person.  I enjoy him.  Yes I pull them out every night but when I am rained on I put the shoes and soles in front of our fan in our room on the floor.  I have only had blisters from digging that one Saturday for a few hours.  My bag works good in the rain it keeps my stuff dry and that is all I can ask! love you!

I love you all! have a great week
Elder Legg
Elder quorum presidents Chinchilla

Find me if you can! Tifton stake missionaries with Elder Satati of the 70 (the single black one) mission pres and wife (other black people)

Nile monitor most aggressive lizard in world
fun fact did you know that cotton plants bloom with red and white flowers

Nile Monitor

Me ready for the wedding

Elder McEwan and I

Elder Downs and I

our game of candy land gone wrong! I am the red one

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