Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Coon Pick

Letter from 7/30/16
Dear Family,

Hey everyone! Well this past week I could not tell you how many doors I have knocked.  We are in the finding stage of Valdosta right now.  Our plans for this week definitely show it.  We have knocking written in for an hour in the afternoon and in the evening of almost everyday. It is all good though.  I am getting my tan on.  Something strange about the Georgia sun, it will sure melt you, but it does not burn me like the western sun.  I have not used sun screen at all this summer. 

Ok, now I have a story to tell that is not for the faint of hear, so if you get queasy you may want to stop reading or listening now.  Ok is it safe???  Are the queasies gone??  Good!!  Ok so there is a special tooth pick that only the "good 'ol boys" use down in these parts.  It is called a coon pick.  What you do is you find a road killed raccoon (male).  You pull over and cut off his man hood. The "thumb" :) (that is a throw back inside joke reference to Trav's mission) has a bone in it that is thin and sharp.  You skin the "thumb" for that bone and you bleach the bone and use it as your coon pick.  One of my new goals is to get and use my very own coon pick!! Super cool right??!!

Ok now you can let the queasy people come back.
I love you guys!
Elder Tyson Legg

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