Monday, August 8, 2016

Burning the Tie

Hey Everyone!

Well I was a little late but as the old Chinese Proverb goes "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago the next best time is now".  So I finally burnt my tie that signifies I have Burnt through my first 6 months on the mission.  Whoop!  Along with me Elder Downs and Sister
Black reached a year so they burnt a white shirt and a skirt.

Elder Benesh and I have shown or dominance on the risk board as overloard champions!  I also am winning in our Joseph smith X-games: stick-pull, indian leg wrestling, arm wrestling, and ect...  

Super exciting news we actually have an investigator now.  There is a part member Family that has fed missionaries for 15 years.  The last 3 weeks they have come to church and asked us to start teaching them the lessons.  They are reading the Book of Mormon and asking tons of great questions.  I love this family and am excited to ssee their growth!

Something cool!  My Dad on his mission was given permission to coach a little league baseball team.  I always thought "man that would be the greatest thing ever!".  Well I have not been given permission but I have been given a small opportunity where I could coach a rec. Soccer team.  I am going to be asking for permission this next week when I have an interview with President Grayson but also I would have to be able to stay for another transfer so there arer tons of variables.  If things work out it would be awesome!
Mom: Jambalaya difference: tomato or no tomatoes; Creole or Cajun.
Tali:  I miss tubing! And the other water stuff!  Looks like fun on the new lawnmower!
Tay: How is micheal phelps doing? 
Trav: Man working sucks when all you get to do is fix others mistakes.  I was wondering what the honeymoon would be?  and yeah I have heard some cool things about the suicide squad definitely going to see it when The pictures all look great! your hair is crazy and you look happy!!! Good luck this week!!!!!!
G4:  That is a lot of money!
Well this week was boring so that's all folks.
Have to go get a hair cut bye.
Love you all!

Elder Legg

Elders having fun

Left to right:
ELder Downs, Sister Black, sister Wagner, Elder Mcewan, ME, Elder Benesh

Elder Downs & I

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