Monday, August 29, 2016

You Can Not be a Real Missionary Down Here Without Getting Bit by a Dog.....Punk Chihuahua!! (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Transfers: They are coming up on Sep. 6th. We find out on the 3rd who is getting transferred.  We find out on the 6th where and who the people being transfered receive.  We find out Thursday the 1st who is training.  There are 24 missionaries coming out: 2 sisters, 4 Spanish elders, 18 English elders. Do not send any mail past Wednesday the 31st just as a precaution of I might be moving?

Ok so being down in the South there are some hard to understand words and phrases. I encountered a new one this week.  We were at a member's house this past week and they were telling us about their grandchildren.  He was telling us all about how they loved their Mayner.  "That Mayner is the funniest character!" so on and so forth.  Elder Downs and I are looking at each other the whole time thinking what is he talking about??? Who is Mayner? This guy is crazy and on lots of medication so we wondered if he was just rambling on about nothing?  Then he started to talk about Mayner's good friend the nice red little race car that gets him the ride in the helicopter.  Then it  clicked for the both of us, he was talking about Mater, the tow truck from Cars the entire time.  He just didn't pronounce it right, and we were so confused for the majority of the conversation. Also another fun word heard this week was instead of humidity...Humididity.

An update on the Dawkins family.  We met with them once this past week and everything went great.  They were at church last week and the Paiges invited them and us over for dinner and a lesson.  Plus Brother Paiges AC guy stepped through his ceiling when he was doing an adjustment.  Brother Dawkins is a Drywaller and was able to fix the hole. We had dinner. We learned a little on how to fix a drywall hole in our ceilings and we taught a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ; faith, repentance, baptism/receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. They loved the lesson! And we will see them again this Friday.  We also helped them to paint the soccer field lines at the Valdosta Boys & Girls club Saturday morning to get ready for soccer season!  (still waiting to hear on whether or not I can coach)  Then yesterday she and little Cooper came to church all by themselves. This is huge because she is the investigator.  Brian is a member and grew up a member but went inactive for 20 something years. He is ready to come back and be active again but he we not feeling good so he stayed home.  Sabrina the investigator came all on her own which was so awesome to see her take her own initiative to come to church and make that decision without Brian's influence!

Something fun that we were able to participate in this week was the "happening".  This is an event on Valdosta State University's campus where they have booths and tents set up to show the new students what Valdosta has to offer, or in other words what is Happening.  We were able to get a booth set up and pass out cards, cookies, Bibles, and Book of Mormons. We taught lessons and just got the church's name out to the college community.

Just one more fun fact: I was bit by my first dog this week! It was a little punk chihuahua.  He snuck up behind me as we were walking down a country dirt road and jumped up biting me in my mid thigh.  It punctured my pants, but not my skin, and I have a few little holes in that pair of pants now.  I was able to kick it and get my revenge before it could get away though, so I felt accomplished! Plus you can not be a real missionary down here without getting bit by a dog.

I went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week and had a blast with Elder Davis.  Also we helped someone move, and we have become so pro that we did it in a hour and a half! Boom!
Also helped a sweet little old lady with some yard work. We also hosted a cottage meeting.  It was an Ice cream social with games that was an informal thing to have members invite friends to.  It did not catch on as much as we had hoped it would, but it was still nice.

Dad: sounds like you could have used some super missionary moving power we crank things out here!  We have done so much moving this summer being that we are next to a military base.  I am glad to hear that everything went smooth with the move though! love you too!

Talia: I did not go to the middle school but I have heard about the infamous Ms. Maude.  Just do your work and get the good grades you can and every teacher will just leave you alone!:)  3 flights of steps is a lot! Love you!

G4: Oh we all know you love school you do not have to put on any attitude to try and trick us.  Dylan did a painting on the art wall!  That is super cool that you are going to get to do a painting too! Sounds like your group has a great Idea and hope it turns out well. I did some art this week too!

Tay: Wow you guys smoked Mt. Home. (12-0)  Isn't there a mercy rule or something? keep up the good work!!

Mom:  How is it having classes instead of a class?  And how is it having your child in your class for the first time?  I am glad that Trav is figuring things out and things are going good for them!   I think you will have so much help this year with student mentors you will run out of stuff for them to do.  That is cool that Trav will have Ben and Drew in the same complex.  You get them with that gum! No one shall get the best of my momma!  (middle schoolers chewing gum! Ugh!)

Love you all!!

Elder Legg
Comparison of Elder Downs and I drawing skills.  

Left: my drawing of him
Right: his drawing of me

Carilyn sent them in a package. They are sticky finger flingers
 These have been stuck to the ceiling for a week

Member's car

Sister Stark and I

Spider the size of my hand!

Golden orb silk weaver also similar spiders down here banana spiders

Yard Service

Elder Davis and I on exchanges

Our weekly 2nd harvest service we do every Wednesday

Oh and I am the horse champ!

West Point hat and 2 old pepper gun replicas

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