Monday, September 5, 2016

Hurricane, Happy Labor Day & Transfers (pics)

 I am being transferred! I have enjoyed my 4 months here in Valdosta but am happy also to move on and meet new people!  I will not find out where or who I will be with until tomorrow, but I will get the information out swiftly once I know.

Something exciting is happening this transfer! So Elder Downs, my companion, now he will be training two new missionaries at one time.  Also I am going to be moving into a mission leadership position of District Leader wherever I am transferred to.  DL. I am just grateful because everyone thought I was going ZL(zone leader) which is more responsibility.  There are 8 options of where I could go and only one good one!:p Elder Downs and I say Hi! And haha hey that's a good way to think about it, because here it is awful odds! (I told him 1:8 in Vegas would be great odds!) DO NOT send mail until my address is updated, please!

Ok the news people are anxious about. We were hit by a category one hurricane this past Thursday night/Friday morning.  I am safe and, as my mom has indicated, the mission is safe! Being that the Hurricane was a category one, it was a baby!  All the mission was freaking out and even tons of the locals, that was weird.  We were put on lock down early on Thursday evening and told to get some supplies at Walmart.  When we got there the bread  and flashlight aisles were barren.  There were pallets of water placed all over the aisles of the store to be grabbed.  We were told to fill our bathtubs with water to have access in case power and plumbing went out.  There were tons of precautions made that were slightly unnecessary.  However, better to be safe than sorry!!!! The power went in and out all throughout the night, but never shut off on us.  The longest it was off was 15 minutes in the morning.  I know this not because I stayed up all night, but because the alarm system kept waking me up all night!  We were given permission to sleep in the other elders' apartment. There, there is an alarm system and every time the power went off and then came back on it would trip the system and beep until someone, usually me, would get up and reset it. When we came out the next day there was debris all over!! There were trees on houses and power lines down everywhere.  There were lots of houses without power all over the city.  Some members were without it for 30 plus hours.  There are fleets of power trucks here and in surrounding cities from all over GA, AL, and SC.  All in all a fun experience and hey Hurricane's got nothing on me!

The Lord prepares us all as tools in his own hands to bless the lives of others! Allow his love in your lives. That it may be emulated though you and given to others. The light of Christ did not die with him on the Cross.  It lives in all of us every moment just as surely as he is resurrected and lives again. Jesus Gave his life for me, you, and everyone!  To live, learn, and love again, of this I testify. Amen

Mom: No I did not see any famous news people here, I did not even know they were here.  We were in the eye of the storm and it hit us head on.  It was Down's bday on Friday.  The Dawkins were kind enough to send it. And yes the storm didn't faze us! Hope school gets easier to figure out and that soccer stays fun!  Yeah Trav will figure it out sometime!:p Rhett Hiatt is in Mesa! Yeah there were a few families here that I have loved! There will be a few more pictures tonight.  .  I will just try my best I am not sure how things will go? shouldn't be to hard?  Yeah Brian(the soccer guy) was bummed out also.  But oh well nothing I can do. Love you mom!

Tay: Yay 3 day weekend! Oh wait I don't get those:p Haha that is awesome man hey keep up the great soccer playing and make sure the team does not get arrogant!!!  Love you bro!

Tali: Have fun on your day off girl! How is mom's math class? I hear you are being a good helper? That is awesome that Jerick got baptized this last week!!!!:D  Love you!

G4: That is a bummer about photo shop. Haha yes I know what an El Camino is and there is a house down here that has 4 of them. One is even a SS El Camino.  Send me a picture of your cat.  That is ok whatever you like! Enjoy it! Have fun with your new friend! Love you!

Dad: I am glad that you went a supported Jerick.  The girls sound like they were having a ball!  I am glad that you are not having to work quite as hard as you were in the last department because you were getting overused and abused over there! Love you dad keep up the good work!

Elder Legg

The Culpeppers, love this family they made Valdosta great!

Bread Shelves Empty Night of  Hurricane Hermine

Elder McEwan & I 

The Elder Hiatt Pose

The District 
Tommy is awesome and always keeps his fridge
 stocked with cream soda for when I stop by
 because he knows it's my favorite! 

Good Bye Elder Legg
man who gave me that rainbow tie and other ones
satanic lady behind Elder Downs on the invisible was creepy
Me on the invisible bench
Chilling in a rain storm

Elder Downs' Birthday

The District
1. ghetto ice cream truck
                  2. ghetto dueling ice cream turf wars

Cool Calm and collected through a hurricane
Hurricane Coming!! 

Me woken up at 4 in the middle of the hurricane outside in the middle of it!!

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