Thursday, September 15, 2016

Flynn Rider Meets Cusseta

Hey everyone!

I am emailing this on Tuesday.  Why? because my Pday is on Tuesday.....but only for this week. Yesterday we had a special mission conference where we had 2 members of the 70 come speak to us.  There were the newest general authorities called as of last conference Elder Meurs and Elder Uceda, both amazing men!  This is why our pday is on Tuesday for this week though.

Well Cusseta is a small town.  I was able to walk the entire thing in one day, and that is the story for just about the entire area we cover.  Since the population is so sparse we cover three different counties. Cusseta and some of the small towns we visit are very dead in industry and housing and everything else.  In Cusseta we have a Dollar General, the post office, a library, and the 4 Winds Restaurant.  My favorite little town to go to though is Buena Vista. Is is cute, and old, and the people are very kind and happy there.  Lumpkin is referred to as, even by the locals, Dumpkin.  A cool part of our area though is that we take in Fort Benning, an extremely large army base.  So we go to the Flat Rock Columbus ward on Sundays. And then after, go on splits with the Zone Leaders, and one of us and one of them go on base and teach the new recruits going through basic training. I did not go this week so I don't know exactly how it goes, but I will let yall know next we after I have.

I got a new nickname this week. There was a member who spends a lot of time with the missionaries and they thought I looked and acted much like Flynn Rider. So now I am called Flynn sometimes!:p
Yes, he's the Tangle movie smolder dude.  And I email at the the Chattahoochee county library in Cusseta.

This week was not only a mission conference but stake conference also.  Elder Meurs was the one who joined the Columbus stake for that.  This weekend we got to know him very well.  The young single adult branch was to sing during the Saturday evening session.  Well there are not very many young single adults in the branch, and since Columbus stake has like 40 missionaries, they "voluntold" us to sing with them as we showed up.  So it really turned out to be a missionary choir, with a few young singles scattered in.  Oh and crazy thing, the stake center here is almost identical to the Middleton stake center on the inside and the way it is set up, there are a few minor differences is all.  It kinda creeps me out!

Nothing else really too exciting happened this week though so that's all I got.

Tay: keep on trying your best and do not let the team get down.  be strong and be a leader.  work harder and be the example for others to follow in looking to grow better and better each week! love yeah bro!

Dad: it stinks not being able to go to the temple while here. but Elder setati of the 70 said it best "our work right now is for the living and we are not missing out on any blessings from the lord as long as we are magnifying our calling as missionaries."  The one restaurant in town has something called their famous ranger burger and it is supposed to be amazing so I have not gotten it yet but I plan on it!  love you!

G4: yes unfortunately down where I am at there are also lots of drugs.  everyone here is stuck with nowhere to go and nothing to do and they get into drugs and ruin there lives even more. so girl stay in school, keep busy, and always be happy and you will never have to worry about that stuff! love yeah!

Tali:you crazy girl don't you know 4wheelers are scary I would never have done that!;)  haha say "yeah right tyson!" nah I am just giving you a hard time I am glad you had a fun time!!:)

Mom: I got the package this morning from the post office. I got back to late to pick it up last night but there was a slip in out box telling us it was there waiting for me during business hours.  so we got is before emailing this morning.  It came on Monday but I got is Tuesday. Yeah where I am at is close to Auburn so still football crazy! plus I am close to Alabama so there is football pride everywhere here and there are always the hard core Georgians that claim the Dawgs will take the college championship every year and then they stink.  (I sent a package themed "It's Fall Y'all" & included a lot of football stuff since football was such a big deal & fall sport in Valdosta. I worried it wouldn't come in as handy where he is now, sounds like it will work out just fine) Well you will get back into the swing of things and find your conditioning again! love you mom!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Did Someone Say Model??? :)

BLUE Toilet! 

Shining Knights

Pretty Boy

Bobby & Pretty Boy

We made Bread! 


Ahhh  Eating More Eggs!!!

Ahhh  Bike Wreck

The Trailor

Me walking in Cusseta

The old post office

(For some reason I find it hilarious that there are no plots available!)

Fobs walking through Cusseta

The Fobs and I

Joseph Smith pic

Old school house and old Cusseta group meeting place

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