Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cusseta Here He Comes! New Address & Pics

Hey mom because of the holiday and me moving I get to email twice this week..... lucky me! So I am in Cusseta, GA. It is a little nothing, nowhere town that not even Georgiaites know where it is.  It is near Columbus, Georgia and beneath Fort Benning.  There is no ward or branch or even group.  There used to be a group, but it was disbanded 6 months ago.  The still active members who have the means to travel 30 minutes or so to Flat Rock go to the Flat Rock Ward. I am living in a old dirty trailer and it has a blue toilet. I will sent that picture next week.  My new companion is Elder Fabiano from Mesa, Arizona.  I did get your tie and rice package. I do not have much to say as I just emailed yesterday but that is the update.
My new address is:
 117 Wynn st
Cusseta, GA 31805

Love Elder Legg

Oh we have a car, just we are way far away from the church, other missionaries, other towns, and everything so that all miles are spent traveling to and from meetings, so we bike and walk here!
Our area covers 3 counties. The car means nothing, it is basically just to drive to Columbus for meetings and we bike around our area all the rest of the time!:p ha Um not exactly it is one of the most dreaded areas to get in the mission. (I asked if it was the 1 out of 8 good places)
Yeah I will miss Valdosta and I never thought I would say that! I am trying to keep the weight off, so I hope I am doing well!!:p and well I'll try hard out here.
Trailer in Cussett

Ice Cream for the last day in Valdosta

Elder Fabiano and I

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