Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fort Benning

Hey everyone!

Ok so this week was way boring and not much has happened since the last time I emailed but here is what I have for ya.

The biggest thing that happened for this week is I got to go on Fort Benning.  This is one of the many military bases in our mission. (fun fact: our mission has the most military bases in it than any other mission in the world)  The Fort falls under Cusseta area, but on Sundays the zone leaders go on splits with us there and help us teach.  This week Was my first time and I loved it!  Most there are there for basic training and there are some RM's and some members, but some are less active members looking to get back into the church, and lots are investigators just checking out what we have to offer and it is sweet!  I was in charge of teaching the 3rd lesson to a group and at the end 2 of them came to me and said ok how do we get baptized?  That blew me off of my feet!  I filled them in on what they needed to know and their faces filled my heart with joy when I told them they can both be baptized in 4 weeks. They and the joy I saw fill within them is the reason missionary work is worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears.

Cool story: Brother Ellsworth was really close to me! I am now serving with a sister that was in Albany, when I was in Valdosta, not to far away, in the same zone.  He was in Albany for work and bought them lunch and they found out they both knew me.

mom:What Kayla can't have a baby! and I think you should take it? that is awesome that Elder Phillips and I are related!!! (not really related, distant connection through his cousin Kayla's husband) We get along great!!! I am super happy to serve with him for a while!   We went on an exchange this week and that is when we were at Burger King.  I hope you can figure things out with and for Gracie. what's trav's address?  love you mom!

Tali: wow another little girl who likes old stuff?  and olive garden yuck!:p   Love you girl!

G4: I loved the picture you sent!! and wow a party week huh? Love you Grace!

Tay: Hey man Congrats on beating a good team!  and that does suck what is with the Leggs and their knees?  I love you bud!

Dad: that is awesome about the truck I hope it is able to get driving well again!  yes I got the pics they were great.  yeah the speedometer only worked when trav drove it and only for a bit and than on and off and never when I drove it.  yes there are a lot of immature missionaries. I am companions with one right now.  it makes working and enjoying your mission harder.  you kinda have to take all responsibility upon yourself and since it is meant to be shared it taxes a little more. The district is great. I love the elders and sister in it and get to see them often even though I am in the banishment area.:p  I have splits planned and love doing them. love you dad!

Love you all!!
Elder Legg

Flat Rock Park

Elder Phillips 

At Flat Rock Park with Elder Phillips 

Junk House


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