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Almost My Birthday!! 6/12/17

Hey Everyone!

We in our area have been trying to boost member missionary work.  We want them to understand how much of a help they are and can be.  We want their spirits to be ignited and on fire for our Lords work.  We want and Need their help to truly progress the work.  To try and help this we have been focusing greatly on getting members to come out with us and be a part of missionary work.  We want them out doing and so we have to show them that we are also out there doing. That they are not alone and that we are not asking them to do something that we are not willing to do ourselves.  Something I have been inviting others here to do is to read and study Preach My Gospel.  This is a manual for missionaries and every member is a missionary.  In essence this is a manual for each and every one of us.  On a full time mission it helps us to know what to teach and how to teach and where/when to teach.  This can be done the same for all if you are not sharing the Gospel because you are scared and do not know where to start, look in Preach My Gospel.  It will direct and guide and help us all in our missionary duty!  Elder Packer testified of this in the April 2014 General Conference and I add my testimony to his that this manual is inspired and is for us all!

This week was great!  Let me share a couple scenarios of why.  First, last P-day was ruined due to the church buildings carpets getting cleaned and we had a Nerf war planned.  We ended up just going to our apartment's club house to shoot pool.   We were all kinda bummed and down at the end of the day.  The Lord knew where we needed to be though. As we left to go home and everyone was scattering, an elderly gentleman approached us and asked if we were LDS missionaries.  We told him yes and he was thrilled.  He asked if we liked to do service?  WE LOVE SERVICE!  Turns out he was moving the next day and had no idea how he was going to get his stuff packed.  He and one of his friends were all that showed up that next day and they lived in a 2nd story.  They could not have gotten it all done on their own.  If we would have had our Nerf war and been at the church that service would have gone by unnoticed.  I am grateful for the Lord and his knowledge of each one of our needs!

Second, we were actually back at the club house. Only this time we were teaching a lesson.  Another lady was there too and she was on the computer.  As we were teaching the lady kindly interrupted and asked if one of us could help her.  I offered my services.  Turns out that she was a teacher and was voted teacher of the year for her school and was working on an application to win teacher of the year for her school district. She was working on a Apple Mac computer though and was unfamiliar with its set up.  I am not technical genius either and know little about Mac's, but I was able to help her out.  We got all she needed finished and she was very appreciative.  Then at the end she asked for my name and told me that if she wins she is going to get up and give here thank you speech and give me a shout out!

Third, we went home teaching with a member and he took us for treats after we were done.  We ordered some hot fudge sundaes. When the order came out though a drive thru order went wrong or something and so they had 3 extra slushies.  They were going to just throw them out but then they saw our order coming out and just gave them to us for free.  Made for a nice night!

Mom:  We helped a new family move into the ward this week and they fed us after.  They got us some Panera Bread for dinner!  That is crazy you went to Craters of the Moon because I literally just talked about it last week with a member here.  Also thank you for the toilet Drop In.  I was just thinking we needed one of those, like exactly the day before I opened that one up. It was great!  Plus our toilet looks better.  I hope you had a great trip and I love you mom!!

Tay:  Youth conference!  Dude that sounds awesome.  The youth here are on a Palmyra trip right now doing a church history tour.  Dude I miss doing Camp Invention with you.  I can not see you Jedi braid in the pictures you will have to get one so I can see it.  You are looking good bro!  I love you!

Tali:  Wow it sounds like you had an amazing week sister!!!  I have never been to Bear World so look at you going to all these things mom and dad never took me to. That is not fair you are supposed to be the one that has never been places..... not me!!!!!!   Haha I am glad you had a great time and don't dis on Craters!!  Craters is a great place and a great name.  I am glad you did not get to scared I love you !!!!

G4: Tom Cruise is pretty great.  Bribing kids at Camp Invention was a good idea sister.  I am glad you could handle them.  I do not remember the atomic museum but I loved Craters of the Moon when I was little.  I think all of us boys had a similar thought, that it would really be the moon but it is cool and fun anyways.  I love you!

Dad: What you will have to send me some pictures of the new 4 wheeler.  Maybe a video of you tearing it up on it.  Wow I cannot believe we have had the green one for 16 years.  Tay is looking good I need to see the jedi braid though.  I bet young women's camp will be a blast!  And what is the plan for high adventure this year? I love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

I think they were happy to see each other! 
Some of the 20 days until turning 20 letters and treats
Not shown in numerical order :)

Thanks Phillips Family

Inline image 1

I was cutting water melon for  dinner and just talking to Eli and Sophia and Sister Pitchford took a picture of it

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