Monday, June 26, 2017

Thank YOU!! & Father's Day 6/18

Hey everyone!

I just want to say thank you to everyone that participated in making my birthday special!  I wrote a list down to give shout outs but I forgot it this morning in my rush so I will five a shout out next week.  All of the letters and pictures and presents were all much appreciated.  I love you all!

From Aunt Theresa

Elder King and Walker bought him a big birthday cookie

Showing off his Birthday Boy button

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Thank you also for all of the Fathers out there!  I am so grateful for my father in my life.  The lessons he has taught me and the example he has been to me will forever be with me and I hope to show them in my countenance!  Just as I strengthen my relationship with my father in Heaven I hope to show some of his attribute through my countenance as well.  Fathers are needed and Mine is the best in the world!!!!! Thanks dad!

This week we got to go and do lots of yard work for a member who went into have a surgery done and his yard had gotten out of control.  I do not miss yard work but it is kinda nice to do after not having it to do for a while.

Early this morning a member came and took us fishing.  two of his grand kids both got small yellow perch.  Than Elder Campos caught small Cat fish.  Then as we were heading out I was fishing on the way back to the car.(something my daddy taught me you are never done fishing until you are in the car *especially when you are losing)  Well it done payed off.  on my last cast I got a bit and snagged it.  It turned out to be the biggest catch of the day.  I pulled in a 2 1/2 lbs cat fish and Campos was not happy, that I beat him!:p

Also we got to go and play soccer with some Vivint salesmen.  They are in our ward and out here in GA from UT doing summer sales.

Mom: That sounds cool about Jun 21st.  I am sure it will be hot and will be a great day to be the longest day of the year.  I have never seen he phantom of the opera but I have had a few companions who have loved it.  You are a running fool momma!  I hope Theresa is ready for the 10 mile in July.  For fathers day we had a Parmesan chicken Alfredo stuff that was good. as for my bday the sisters were dumb and did not put my bday down on the meal calendar and so no one signed up for it but we got a cal from some members asking us over anyways.  so I got Hawaiian hay stacks and banana splits for my bday meal!:)  and awesome thanks for looking into EFY for me.  love you mom!

Talia: did you like the opera though?  And oh man there is a member hear that has been o the melting pot and we were talking about it making our mouths water a couple weeks ago.  I like that place a lot.  Which dogs are taking classes?  and I can not believe you are going to girls camp this year. !! Love you Tali!

G4: Thanks sister.  I have never seen that play I am glad you loved it though!  and that does sound like a really cool experience.  that is way rude how long will her cousin be in town?  love you Grace!

Tay:  wait how did you get left by both parents?  was it just like you childhood when you were forgotten?  what is it with you.  what did you talk on?  I got to talk on mothers day and you got the job on fathers day look at you. such a boss.  are you getting pretty good at tennis?  and Yoga?  what the?  I want to see cars 3 so bad I am glad that it is a goo done.  Love you tay!

Dad:  what did you do with the stuff they had in storage?  and yeah I don't get sore from moving stuff anymore I do it so frequently. we moved people twice this week.  oh and I have a fathers day present for you but I have not sent it yet. I am going to try and get it out this week.  I hope girls camp is awesome this week.  you're the best dad ever I love you!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

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