Monday, June 26, 2017

Birthday Shout Out!!

Hey everyone!

Well here is the promised Birthday shout out! I am sorry if I missed any body but know I am grateful for all who helped to make my birthday special!
The Phillips family, Schmidt's, Mama J, Erickson's, Rawlins family, Aunt Joan+Dick, Felisha, Groesbeck family, Dawkins, Aitkens, Uncle Mike+Donna, Ethan Barr, Daniel Ganir, Mack Easton, Lukner Myatt, Joseph Valencia, Jace Weber, Hunter Reese, Courtney, Aunt Theresa+Rick+Family, Uncle Lance, Aunt Pauline, Dakota, Tommy Cooper, MacLeod family,  Darseys, Rhett Hiatt, Wagoner family, Trent Ellsworth, Ashlyn Mills, Anna Harrell, Grammy+Grandpa, Travis+Audrey+Alec, Christopher Downs, Dad, Coons family, Barb Valencia, Lexi Jo, Josh Phillips, Uncle Pete+Linda, Liz+kids, Dominic Delatorre, Emily Black, Talia, Launa+Wally, Ellsworth family, Coach Myers+Soccer Team, Nancy Tillman, Teuscher/Soelburg family, Gracie, Riley Hone, Tyler Walters, Taylor, Tina+family, Jill, Elysia+David Luke, Carson, Maddie Marston, Skidmore family, Noelle Cosdon, Dylan Hutchings, Cindy Long, Brent+Tia+kids Andrews, Aunt Darlene+Gary+Wyatt, MOM!
Thank you for all listed above and any who are not I love you all!

Well my mom was talking to me on Mother's Day. She was telling me how she feels as though almost every kind if weather and natural disaster have happened in GA while I have been here.  Then one of my lovely sisters piped in that "No, that is not true he has not had an Earthquake!"  My mom was not too happy that she said that since she could jinx me.  Well she might just have. This last week we had an Earthquake here.  We were in a missionary meeting at the church and it sounded like thunder at first and then got a little shaky.  Then dust from the ceiling started to fall.  Then the noise got really loud and we hid under the table as our water bottles started to tremble and fall to the floor.  Then Just as we slid under the table to the clutches of safety the ceiling caved in! Now I know what you are thinking! Either one of two things is he okay? or he is full of crud??  Well The Earthquake really happened...... but nothing too serious happened other than loud noises.  But yup now I have made it through an Earthquake to so add it to the list mom!  Oh and thanks Talia!

We have been trying to teach more people that we see and that our on our way as we go places.  We have had some great experiences just yesterday we were early to dinner and we had some potentials  in the area so we went to try them as the food was being prepared.  No one we tried was home but there were two guys out in their yards. One we talked to was not interested, but the other was.  He was busy at the time though and we were needing to get back the dinner appointment so we set up to stop by this week.  This house the guy was at was just down the street from where we were eating.  As we walked back one of the family's little girls was out playing in the front yard and she ran over to us as we approached.  She told us how she did not want to go on a mission when she got older, but by seeing us go and talk to that man she does want to go now.  It was such a touching experience!

Mom:  Ok I was talking to a dental student here and he told me about a program called"WICHE" that I would love for you to look into.  It is for people who live in states without dental schools. That would be me, there are no dental schools in Idaho. What it is supposed to do is pay for dental school the only catch is you have to go back a practice in the state you are coming from.  And I do not even see that as a catch I would love to live and practice in Idaho.  I am way jelly of the SD trip!  And I am glad G Decided to go to camp!  I remember Reptile gardens and storybook park.   I am sure Tali is super excited too to see Harper.  I hope all of the trip prep and traveling goes well love you mom!

G4: YAY you went to girls camp!!!!! Love you Grace!

Tali: I am glad that you had fun at girls camp.  I would always hear great things from the young women  until Gracie went but she is the only one.  I have heard of the faith walk but didn't know what happened that sounds cool though!  I love you Tali!

Tay: Dude where are the videos and pictures of the wisdom teeth coming out?  And nice I wanted to play soccer the day I got mine out too but mom wouldn't let me either.  I got to go play some soccer this morning and I miss it man.   Love you Tay!

Dad: I am glad you got to kick back and relax some in the out doors this week.  Man I miss boating so bad.  And what they do knife throwing at girls camp?  Is that legal?  mmmm I bet the food was so good if Aunt T was in charge.  Was there any dutch oven cooking?  That is something I miss a lot also!  Have fun in the Black Hills with your new toy! Love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

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