Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lady Antebellum & James Brown's Town 5/29/17

Hey everyone!

This area is just popping with opportunities to serve others and it is so awesome! First this week we got to go and serve in the rain.  We went over to a family's home and weeded their flower beds and cleaned them out.  Then we got to plant lots of pretty flowers and the grandma put me as head landscaping architect, so you just know those flower beds look great now!:p We also got to mulch them and since it was raining we were way soaked.  The family had a big hill on the side of  their house too so we pulled out a tarp and made a slip-n-slide, it was a blast.  Next we got to go and help a member clean off his yard.  He has a lot of Virginia Creeper, and that is not good to have around little children.  It is a vine that can make you itch like crazy.  So we went and helped him clear that out one morning.  Next we got to go and deal with more itchy stuff.  We went to another members who had a pond that had become over grown, majorly with Poison Ivy.  We got to go out with little clippers and to hack it all back and haul it in to the Forrest.  Luckily I did not get any on my skin.   One companionship was not so lucky though and have itchy wounds all up their arms.  Lastly we also got to go and help a moving family repaint their walls for resale.  

We also had interviews with President Grayson last week.  We got the privilege to drive him to go pick up his car that was being serviced.  It was super silent for a little bit and so awkward.   Once a conversation started though it was all good and we had a great ride with him.  

This week we enjoyed a wonderful amount of rain that we got drenched in, but also people were still very kind and picked us up to give us rides as they saw our "suffering". I enjoyed every minute of it.  

Fun Facts:  
There is a a famous singer from here.  Her name is Hillary Scott, from Lady Antebellum.  Heard of her?  Well she grew up right here in Evans, GA and went to high school right near where we live.  Also There is a park named after her with lots of concerts that happen.  Also James Brown is from here.  Oh and I was told by a 9 yr old that I am Prince Charming!:)   (So very true!!)

Mom:  Thanks for watching out for my teeth!:) I am glad yours are not grinded away yet!  I got the boxes and right on time too on the 26th to start my 20 days of birthday.  I email at the church in the family history center and yes I did find that out very quickly when I got out here that several country songs sing about Georgia!Wow I hope you have tons of fun with all of the visitor this weekend. (Trav, Audrey, Grammy, Gpa)  Love you!

Tay: Congrats on making it through another year of school Tay!  I hope you are having tons of fun with dad and Trav!  And swimming sounds so nice! Love you Tay!

TRav: Hey man!  I am so glad Tay survived! did you? (Softball, running, shooting) and dang dude I want to go on lots of sweet trips this summer!   A little kid was showing me some of the new Pokemon cards and stuff with it and it does look way more advanced than when we were little!  Love you Trav!

Audrey: Hey! You guys should totally move back to Treasure Valley then I will not have to drive nearly as long to visit y'all.  Yeah one family can be crazy,  I bet 2 just is wack! (to visit & split time between)  Look forward to meeting you too, Love ya!

G4:   Wow sis I got to play Volleyball this last week too!!  Only I did not punch any one!:p  (She went to punch the ball & accidentally punched her friend, which makes total sense if you know her!!)  I just had fun!:)  I am glad you had fun sis!   Love you Grace!

TAli:  Summer is a great time sis and you can still see your friends.  And you had better get mom to send me a pic of your rainbow outfit for the birthday party.  And I hope you are having fun with everyone coming over.  I love you Tali!

DAd: I am really glad you are such a good home teacher and that you were my mentor. So many people suck at that down here and it is awful.  It gets really annoying really fast .  I hope you had fun on the ride and with Trav in town.  I love you Dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Check out that Georgia clay
"It was like paradise, but we melted in our suits!"

I LOVE this picture SO very much!

From the text I got from Razia with the yellow on her dress,
The baptism at the lake "needed special permission.
There was even a rainbow in the blue sky" 

Pumpkin the  cat and Joseph Fletcher
Pumpkin is a doppelganger for Gracie's cat Phat Boy

"Mountain of Mail"
3 were from you, and 1 from Carilyn, and 2 from the mission office,
and 1 for Campos, and it all came on the same day!

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