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What the Spajita??? 6/5/17

Spajitas anyone???
"I would eat it again, no problem! I ended up eating 3, and yea I really liked them!"
Hey everyone!

I got to meet an investigator this week who is such an inspiration.  She has been wanting to join the church and be baptized for five years now.  Her parents have not wanted her to though and even threatened to kick her out at one point and so she had to kind of step back.  She never stopped reading the Book of Mormon though or doing more research on the church. She continued strengthen her faith and testimony on her own without any support.  She is now old enough to go into the work on her own and has reconnected with the missionaries.  She is moving out for college and is going to get baptized once she is on her own and does not have as much dependence on her parents.  She knows this church is Christ's restored church on the earth today and so do I.  I know there is once again a Prophet called of God to lead and guide us and show us the way back to live with Heavenly Father again. I know that he holds the priesthood authority to preform essential ordinances for salvation.

The Spanish missionaries had a baptism last week and we were invited to go!  It was pretty crazy since there was no English spoken, but it was awesome to still feel the same spirit I feel when English is spoken.  The greatest part for me was when we sang and we got to try and read/sing in Spanish and still the hymns pierced me through the soul.

This week was a week of weird foods, let me tell you.  Well it all started off when I went on exchanges over to the Martinez ward.  We worked hard and had a great day and then we went over to a member's for dinner.  As we walked in everything smelled great and looked normal.  I recognized the sweet sizzling sound of Fajitas, yum!  Then as we came to a closer inspection we noticed, dun... dun.... duh..... Spam on the counter! That is right, instead of the traditional chicken and other normal meats thrown in Fajitas we were fed Spam Fajitas. Other wise known as the legendary Spajitas.  I was apprehensive at first but then I had one and ended up having three and enjoyed every one.  Next we were invited over for a breakfast dinner.  They told us they were going to do waffles.  When we got there everything look and smelled great as well until I look over and the daughter is  shaking something into the waffle iron.  I said, "Excuse me but what poison are you throwing in my waffle?".  They told me "Don't worry about it, sit back, and relax, and enjoy their special ingredient." I went along with it and when my meal came I received a bacon waffle.  They had sprinkled in bacon bits into my waffle mix right before they cooked it.  Also not bad. Then yet another fun encounter.  On Sunday we had Mac-n-cheese.  This was no normal either.  They made a Macaroni and cheese Lasagna.  Basically Lots of different foods and all successes.

Mom: Yeah it has been 90's here too.  It was about 93 yesterday and we were out in suits.  That sounds like a crazy storm though where did that come from?  Basil Lemonade sounds great and definitely let me know how it goes and you will have to take me when I get back.  I have heard about both of those movies coming out and am way jelly.  I can not believe Hunter had not heard of Ferdinand.  There was a baby at dinner last night who practically told me she liked me too.  She would just stare at me and smile super big all night. Others tried to get her attention and she was not having it.  I hope camp goes well and that Tali can handle it all on her own some of those days.  I liked the Spajita but no I have not been to Red Robins yet.  Love you mom!

Tay: Dude we play volley ball here once a week and I slay bro!  Is Joseph still good at tennis?  And hey Joseph and I used to watch Rocky's at his house all of the time that is where I first saw them.  Cpt Underpants is a thumbs up for when I get home huh?  Enjoy that pool man we have one in out apt complex and it is torture every day!:p  Good luck at camp you will love it! Love you Tay!

G4: Wow you basically own camp sis!  And I can not believe it is hailing in June!  Where does Phat Boy live?  Hope the camping trip was still fun! Love you Grace!

Tali: Wow that sounds like an eventful trip sister. I am really just surprised the RV still works at all, It has sat for awhile.  That is a good song too. Did you have a blast.  Things almost always go wrong when the Leggs go camping but I will tell you it always makes for a great memory that you will cherish.  I am glad you made it to a toilet before you threw up.  I cannot say I have always done that.  I love you Tali!

Dad: that RV has been sitting for a while and I wasn't sure it even moved anymore so I am impressed it made it to the cabin.  It sounds like everyone had a blast though.  I am glad everyone was safe though and that everything made it home in one piece.  Love you dad!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

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Memorial Day Fireworks

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