Monday, July 31, 2017

Flash Flood & Miracles 7/31

Hey Everyone!

Warning Transfers are next week, Tuesday the 8th.  DO NOT send mail passed Wednesday the 2nd.

This week was awesome and crazy!  It all started when Elder Campos and I were out contacting people.  It rained for the most part of the first half of the week.  Nothing to out of the normal though.  Then Wednesday came and while we were out a mother of all storms rolls out of no where.  We are walking and we feel a light sprinkle and just both think oh no.  Little sprinkles in GA never stay little or sprinkles.  With in a minute large drops were tumbling down.  We were soaked and then the thunder and lightning struck.  It was all around and very close.  The streets started to turn into rivers and the rivers turned to flood plains.  It brought in flash floods and we were traipsing in water above our ankles.  We got 6 inches of water in one hour.  It was a fun storm, but slightly unnerving.  A member lived nearby, but was not home so we stood under their porch for about 10 minutes then decided to keep going.  It was a wild ride!

As I mentioned already this storm caused some flash flooding.  Saturday we got to go and help out the community for those whose houses were flooded.  One particularly that we helped out with has to get destroyed.  The flooding hit in less than 5 minutes and the water's power was too much that it pushed a Chevy 2500 from the front to backyard and moved the house off of its foundation.  The house was a few feet off the ground and the water level was still a foot and a half along the inside.  The lady living there jumped out her front door and had to swim to the street before she could touch the ground to walk. All 3 of their cars are totaled only the the truck could be seen out of the water.  It was truly a sad sight to see their lives turn upside down in minutes. I am super glad we were able to go and help them.

This week there was a 5th Sunday discussion by the Bishopric. They wanted all of the teachers to be there too so we, as the missionaries, took over Primary.  The sisters had singing time and we had sharing time.  We stole our sharing time Idea out of the Aug 2017 Ensign.  We did an object lesson. There were two kids each holding a box.  The one we filled with cans that had negative words and phrases written on them. In the other we placed balloons with positive words and phrases on them.  The boxes were our loads or burdens that we all carry.  If we put cans or negative things piled on top of our burdens they get heavier and harder to carry.  When we put balloons or positive things piled on out burdens they  are still there, but are easily carried.  We need to look for positive things to surround ourselves with and give positive feed back to others so their burdens can be easily managed also.

There is this lady whom we have been trying to teach for a little bit but she is having a rough time recognizing the spirit. We know she feels it from the change of demeanor she has, from the time we get there to the time we leave.  The amount of stress and anxiety that are wearing her down seem to melt away, example of our sharing time lesson, I think so! A really cool miracle happened for her this week though. We went and visited her. She is a single mom of 2, out of a job, and has hospital bills to pay thanks to a car accident.  Also a dealership bill to pay for the car damage.  Well she expressed to us her rope of faith looked like it was coming to an end and the light at the end of the tunnel was fading away.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and shared our Testimony of the added strength to Faith in Jesus Christ and Hope that can come and has blessed our lives from reading it.  She took it and we left.  About a hour later she sent us a text.  She told us the light at the end of tunnel was coming back a little and faith was still to be seen.  She had received a call from the car dealership telling her an anonymous person came and paid her bill. Miracle!!

Also another lady we are trying to teach wowed us.  We have not been able to meet with her for a month and a half since she has been having eye surgeries.  She did not want us coming over and to not be able to keep commitments for reading.  We left her with a Book of Mormon though.  We saw her for the second time last week and she had had two of the three surgeries.  She told us she had to use three magnifiers and could still only read three words at a time but that she is half way through the Book of Mormon!

Mom:  Well mom you can notch off another weather disaster I have gone through.  Was Tali praying for me to have Floods?  Haha because I had some Flash ones here.  It looks and sounds like you are having a blast at the coast I wish I could be there with y'all.  And wow we are just about as far away as we can be with you at Cape Blanco and me here. I guess we took all of the rain for this last week on this side of the states! It has been dumping down. (Totally dry on the OR coast) My insect bites are mostly healed now still some little things to be completely gone but no more itching thank goodness!!  Did you talk to the missionaries in Burns? Or offer to buy them a drink?  I can tell you that would probably make their day!!!  Only the AP's in our mission have a truck. (They drove a truck in Burns, OR) We ride in a mini van with the Martinez elders
I  love you mom!

G4: Hey I bought a new water bottle last week too. Look at us twinners go!  Sister why are all of your emails now about boys? Are you a 14 year old girl or something?  The Rouge River boat trip is way fun though huh!  Good job at the farmers market sister keep it up! Love you Grace!

Tali: You didn't throw up from any of your car or boat sickness did you?  That is really sad you were too big to float in the little river stream thing at the end of Grammy's walk.  Digging for agates does sound like a good idea.  I hope you have fun and let me know what you name the kitten! Love you Tali!

Travis: Packing man I am like a pro mover now.  We do a lot of moving with lot of colleges and military people in like every area of our mission.  The turn over is ridiculous.  Hey man good luck with your job hunt and I love you too!!

Hunter: Hey thanks for helping Trav out man.  Also I hope soccer goes well this year.  I will miss that but I will be back by second semester to see some FX stuff so have fun and make it great ok!  I love you man!!

Tay:  How often do you have softball games with dad?  And man thanks for helping trav out I hope they are taking care of you.  Are you getting fed?  I know you are probably not getting sleep.  haha.  Love you tay!

Audrey: Yeah it has been hot here too but not as hot as it was last summer and I am ok with that.  Lately it has been cooler though since we have got lots of rain.  We got floods last week and it made it way humid.  And yes packing and unpacking are way tedious and annoying.  Have a great week.  Love ya!
Dad: Love you dad!

Love you all!!!


       House off of its foundation

Look at that little face....awwww

I got a disc given to me for Frisbee!

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