Sunday, July 23, 2017

Happy Fourth of July

Hey Everyone!

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone had a blast with fireworks, family, and friends.  Usually on the mission we are asked to go inside at 6 pm and stay inside to stay safe from the rowdiness. This year however, the mission president told us that we were allowed to stay out and expected to be responsible.  As for the time that we got to stay out,  we were asked to help some members move.  We loaded up trucks and unloaded them in a storage unit.  We got to see a few fireworks as we helped.  The big show for Evans though was going off in a park right next to our apartment so we watched a little bit before we had to be inside.

There is a sister in the ward who's husband is out of town for a good while.  Well she has had a rough time keeping up with the yard and other outside chores of the house.  Elder Campos and I went over one day this week to help her out and I think we almost did more harm than good?  We needed to mow her lawn and so we pulled out her tractor mower and it would not start and so I started to mess with it while Elder Campos grabbed the push mower.  Well I am no mechanic like my dad but I figured it out.  It was the battery and nothing big.  Well we got the front yard mowed with the push mower.  Then we were going to put a new front door on for her.  We got the old one off easy and the new one on pretty easy.  There had to be problems though.  The door sat too low and would not close due to the threshold.  We had to take it off and replace the old door. As we did this though, the door knob broke.  It would not engage to pull the latch out of the way.  Well after some minutes of tearing it apart and trying to figure it out, I got the door open.  Also we got it partially fixed so that you could open the door from the outside.  However, you still can not open it from the inside.  It was a wild ride but everything worked out in the end, for the most part.

Just a few fun facts of the week.  We were invited to a young single adults activity and they played two rounds of chair soccer.  I just happened to win both rounds!  And this was not just against some Joe schmoes.  One of the people was the captain of his soccer team in high school. Another girl had played soccer her whole life, and one was out here for summer sales and plays for Utah State.  Then we also got to go and play regular soccer with a bunch of them this morning too.

Mom:   We had a district meeting and one of our fun intro questions was "if you could smell like anything in nature what would it be?" you just know I said "Freshly bloomed honey suckle carried by an ocean breeze". I got voted for the best answer! (It's what we smell when we run on the Oregon Coast) I love you mom!

Tali: Swimming sounds way nice did it feel good in the warm weather?  Yeah Donna was probably a good choice to ride with. Did you get to drive any?  And did you have fun with baby Harper? Love you sister enjoy the week as a single child!:)

G4: I am glad you had a lot of fun driving on the 4wheelers and on the trip sister.  Did you catch the cat or just let it live under the porch?  Sister I am sure that you will have a blast at BYS!  The choice is yours and not your groups or your counselors!  Have a great week and just let it change you!:)  I know you can do it!  I love you Grace!

Tay: It looked like the trip was tons of fun and I wish I could have been there too Bro!  It sounds like y'all have just been go go go for the last couple weeks.  Man you better have a blast and make this BYS the best one ever!!!  Oh and have fun at McCall and do not let mom beat you!;) I love you Tay!

Audrey: Yeah I love all  of the fun places there are to go in the Black Hills.  My passion for disliking bugs has grown since I have been down here. There are a lot and big and weird ones and ones that are annoying. I just am not a bug lover.  I am getting decently tan out here.  I do not have the good tanning skin like Trav and Tay though so it is just okay.  I did a lot of service out side and it was way hot and sunny this past week so I did get more tan this week and my tan lines are bomb!  I wish I was going to the Train concert!! but I hope y'all get some good rest before being on the move again. and I am way excited for y'all to be in Boise by the time I get back!!! Have fun!!

Travis: Bro one of my Companions was telling me about that series and I was going to read them when I got back!  That is so cool you have them and so now I do not have to go and find them! Also have you read the newer Norse Gods series from Riordan yet?  Are they any good?  Those are some other books I want to read when I get back.  Also Bro I am stoked that you are going to be moving back to Boise this fall so you will be close to visit when I get back!  I am way jealy of the Train concert man I so want to go but I hope you have a blast and I love you more Trav!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Fourth Fun!!

Carilyn made them 4th of July tie dye shirts & sent the accessories
Elder Smith headed to the Ogden, UT Mission this week 

Elder Murray headed to the Arcadia, CA Spanish speaking mission this week

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