Sunday, July 23, 2017

Termites, and Virginia Creeper, and Chiggers OH MY!!

This is a Vietnamese dish called Pho(fu)  It is way good, if you have a chance to try it, Do it!

Hey Everyone!

Alrigthy so for any one who is wondering why I did not email on Monday and why I am doing it today, let me tell you why.  No there was not a holiday to close the libraries and in this area we have a family history center at the church we use so that would not effect us any ways.  Well what happened is our mission President has made a slight change.  He received a good amount of complaints from throughout the mission that many museums and historical things were closed on Mondays. Also that hair salons were and bowling alleys are closed a lot on Mondays.  Missionaries wanted to participate in all of these activities and could not since it was not Preparation day.  Well President Grayson came up with his solution for this and it is that once each transfer cycle on the fourth week Preparation day will now be on Tuesday instead of Mondays.  This is the first time this is happening and it will happen every 6 weeks from now on out.

Alright now on to the meat of the week.  These past 2 weeks the Vivint salesmen have been bringing a non member co-worker to church with them.  Well he has been loving it and asking lots of questions.  He has run into some problems recently and is in a humbling situation of life right now.  Also he is searching for a direction to take his life.  He is 21 and super nice.  Well this last week we met with him and taught him the message of the Restoration.  He loved it and is our newest investigator.  In the first lesson he accepted the invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by some one holding the priesthood authority of God.  He is working towards August 5th and we are super excited! He came to church again and loves every moment.

As for myself I have had some bad luck this week.  It all started off when I was on exchanges we went and preformed service for an elderly couple.  We were pulling weeds and as I was doing this I felt a twinge of pain on my wrist.  I though nothing of it because there were pokey weeds and I was not wearing gloves.  Then it happened again though and AGAIN!  This time I paid it attention and there was a termite sitting there.  I smacked it off not thinking too much of it.  Well later that day my wrist was super itchy and the bite swelled up.  That night I woke up and my wrist felt like it was on fire and itched like I have never felt before.  Then I woke up in the morning and a third of my arm was swollen.  It was bright red and warm and Itchy! It was swollen enough to take away most of the mobility of my wrist.  It was like this for about 3 days but then finally went down and eventually completely away.  As for part two I am not entirely sure what has caused this?  I woke up one morning with my other arm itching.  I could see some little bumps all over it.  I think the cause is Virginia creeper oil.  We were doing some other service tearing that out and it can cause similar reactions to poison Ivy.  Well it has spread further on my one arm and to other places of my body.  Although I think the other parts of my body might be a different cause...possibly chiggers.  The other parts of my body include my belly button and thigh and the in between section. It is not a pleasant experience!

He said it looked worse in person

Mom: Wow that sounds like a pretty crazy and cool race in McCall!  Was it super pretty along the way? Or were you to focused on your next gasp of air to really pay attention to the scenery?  You did pretty great though I would say and am really proud of you!  I hope your knees and shoulder feel better! I love you mom!

Travis:  re you guys looking for places to stay too or what is your plan for that?  Are you going to be in Boise or out around?  And man finding jobs is the pits!  Everyone down here complains about it.  I am glad you are having fun though and that your spirits are high.  I am super excited you are going to be back around home like super!  I miss good Mexican food it is not nearly as good out here since it is not as authentic.  You would ask for the extra spicy sauce!  I love you Travis!

Audrey:  Moving is  a way stressful time!  I have never had to do it from my own personal home but I have done it helping plenty of others.  Especially out here we move people like almost once a week.  I always say we are missionaries first and professional movers second!:p  I wish I could have gone to the concert with y'all i bet it was a blast.  I hope y'all find jobs and I will pray for Travis and you.  That is a great story and yes it is true I hate Shots! I don't  get shots out here oops.  Thanks for the Email have a great week!

Tay:  Bro I miss BYS so much so I am glad you had fun. How was Vocal Point I listen to a lot of their stuff out here.  I hope High adventure goes well even though you are sore. Where are you going?  I love you Tay!

G4: how did Lexi like BYS? That is some good missionary work sister! Yes you are  way hard to wake up I can vouch for that.  Also I am glad that you had fun sister I knew you would.  And ewww gross no match making at BYS.  Why did you not like planet of the Apes?  I love you Grace!

Tali: Aww sister that is to cute that you almost cried sister at the Train concert.  I was thinking of the Chinese buffet not too long ago and we will have to go when I get back.  Haha did you get the $25 for finding the mouth guard and having to grab it out of that nasty stuff?  I hope so! I love you Tali!

Dad: I am happy that you are doing so well in work and that you are able to work with Sarah and her team again.  That is super awesome.  That sounds like a boss high adventure though. I would totally try and come if i were home.  I hope the boys fish a lot and that they catch their meals.  I love you Dad!!!

I love you all!
Elder Legg

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