Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lots of Service

Hey everyone!

This week we got to go and do service for a member family in our ward.  They are an elderly couple and needed help cleaning up their back yard.  Also they needed under their house and deck cleared out.  I got the under the house job and my back hurt so bad. It is more than a crawl space but by no means can you stand up either.  All of the stuff under the house had not been seen in over six years. There were somethings that were still fine quality items but most of it was junk.  The old man is a little bit of a hoarder and wanted to keep everything but the lady said whatever you do don't listen to him.  He has not used or asked for it in 6 years and I think he will be fine without it.  So we took all of it and got rid of it. And we cleared their back yard out some too.  The sisters started weed wacking and were still trying to do it when we were done clearing out the junk and so the elders took that over and it was done very quickly.  There was also this cemented tire that was a old tether-ball pole and it was flipped upside down in the dirt.  We did not know this.  The cement itself made the tire a couple hundred pounds on its own.  I tried to flip it up on my own and was completely shamed until I found out there was a 6 foot pole in the ground with it, stopping it from flipping.  We got about 4 of us elders and were able to flip it up finally.  Then we had to carry it to the front of the house and throw it in a giant junk in a box dumpster.  It took some effort but we got it.

There was a child of record baptism this week and we were asked to do one, well two, jobs.  We were asked to open up the church and to fill the font.  We were very successful on opening the church, the font, however, is a different story.  We turned the water on and but it was filling very slowly.  It was early enough it would be full in time though. To make it warm though we turned off the cold water.  It slowed the flow down.  Well we forgot to check if the drain was down.  It was not.  so when we slowed the flow it was not strong enough to keep filling the font.  Ten minutes before we checked on it and it had lowered a lot!  It was a good thing it was only a child getting baptized and not an adult.  Elder Campos had to roll up his pants and sleeves and take his shoes and socks off to get in the font and close the plug.  So the day was saved thank goodness!!!!

Mom: I have gotten the chance to look into family history the last little bit.  There is a website that is awesome!  It is called "" it is teamed up with family search and it makes it easy to search for ordinances and lots of other stuff.  Oh and I found out that only like 10 members of our ward index, so the family should get into that and help out.  I am one of those 10 members.  It is super easy I found out so don't let it intimidate you. That's what I let happen for the longest time.  Oh and add Darlene and Gary and Wyatt to the thank you list please!:) Love you mom!!!

Tay: Love you bro!

G4: love you grace!

Tali:Love you tali!

Travis+Audrey: Love y'all!

Dad: hope you are having a blast on the trip love you dad!

Love you all!!!!

Elder Legg

Images around his area....

Wearing his Georgia Bulldog shirt a family gave him

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