Monday, July 31, 2017

Sneaky Service & Sweet Surprises 7/24

Hey Everyone!

First off Happy Parents day!  (that was Sunday the 23rd)
Let Grammy and Grandpa know I say Happy birthday to the both of them!!!!!

There is a couple who kind of lost their way.  They have gone to church some here and there but they did not see the full need to come all of the time.  Their Grand daughter went on a mission and has been trying to work on them since she has gotten back without any progress.  She invited us to try and start working on them too.  We have come pretty close with them through service. Also we have been sharing the gospel more and more with them to help have it in their home.  Well this week was their 3rd week in a row of coming to church.  Plus in weeks past their granddaughter has texted and invited them the morning of and this week she did not.  They still came and all on their own. We are so happy to see them and  a lot of the ward members are too.

This week we were also given a great surprise.  Every Saturday morning we go as a district and play Ultimate Frisbee with some members and Military guys. This week we were getting out of the car and another familiar car pulled up.  It was the car of a former Investigator who moved to Utah to go to school.  We were very confused for a second, knowing that her brother could not drive yet and her mom would not be coming to Frisbee.  Then Karen stepped out of the car!  She had come back for a quick trip home.  Also she told us that while she was out in Utah that she had gotten baptized!  She has been Investigating the church for 5 years now and finally got to where she wanted to be!

This week we also had some fun service opportunities. First, a lady in the ward whose husband is deployed and children have things to do 24/7. Oh plus she just had her Gall Bladder taken out.  Well needless to say she needed some help.  Her yard was out of control and so we went over to help her out.  She just asked us to do her front yard but we were sneaky, and before she knew it we were already half way done with her back yard too!  Of course we could not just stop halfway and so we talked her into letting us finish.  She was very Grateful and we were very happy to help. Also one night we were coming home in a massive rain/thunder/lightning storm.  Along our way we passed a guy who had come around a corner and hit a deep puddle that ended up swamping his engine.  We knew what the right thing was to do.  We were trying to get back to our apartment because it was safer and almost curfew but we decided to turn back.  As we got to this man, he was sitting in his car crying in despair not know what to do.  We knocked on his window and told him we were going to push him to the nearest parking lot, out of the middle of the road and the puddle.  As we were doing this, a member saw our white shirts and stopped to ask if all was alright. We told him we were safe and okay, but this man  was stranded.  That member kindly accepted our invitation to help this man out and drive him where he needed to go.  I am very grateful for the opportunities of service I have to render everywhere I go and know that is blesses those around us showing that God is watching out for our needs!

Well we were in a Family Home Evening this week and for the activity we played "poor puppy".  This is a game where once in a circle the one in the middle acts like a puppy and approaches someone.  The puppy's objective is to get the person they are approaching to smile or laugh.  While the person being approached has to say "poor puppy"  three times while petting the puppy's head.  If they smile they are in the middle. If they do not crack then the person in the middle has to move on to another victim.  Well My family has played this in our home and has conditioned me to the ways of "poor puppy".  I smashed all vices used against me and not once had to go into the middle.  I was a stone cold dream crusher! (He can always make me  crack a smile though!)

Mom: Yeah last week it hit up to 113 with the index and there were heat advisories out.  It does not feel as hot as Valdosta though,so I am doing pretty good.  Do girls get the menigicockle shot?  That sounds like a pretty good week!  And tons of fun for Poopy when he gets back. How did he get to go to high adventure?  Lucky!  I am glad you have a doctor now too so I know you are safe.  Yeah let's just hope Caden does not give Preslee pink eye! (Travis gave it to him when he was just a newborn baby--gotta love big 2 year old brothers!!) I was talking to someone about that the other day.  Our ward mission leader is from Eugene, OR and I was talking about our Oregon trek each summer and how we have our McDonalds and DQ stops memorized!:p  I love you mom!

Tali: Awe cute baby kittens.  Is ash one of the evil Siamese  cats Trav gave you?  Are you going to get to keep the kitty or give it away?  And you are lucky you are all up to date on shots for the next 2 and 1/2 years.  I hope I am good that long too!  I love you Tali!

Tay:  Did you catch any monster fish on high adventure?  And how was the new Spiderman movie?  I have heard mixed reviews?  That is so weird some of your friends are turning 18 because that means you are next! Oh hey do you have Joseph's number?  It was his bday on the 19th of July and I was wondering if you could help a brother out by sending him a text wishing him a late happy bday from me!?  Thanks bro!  I love you Tay!

Audrey: I am just over one ward.  There are not any areas in our mission with missionaries over multiple wards.  Most wards  down here actually have multiple sets of missionaries in each ward. Like right now there are sisters and elders in my ward. In the other ward in our district it is all elders but there are 3 sets in that ward.  It makes it fun and sometimes frustrating when others start to step on toes. So no stress for me on Sundays.  The sisters here only have one ward and are still late so I am glad you at least had a valid excuse with extra wards to get to! Congrats on the job!  And glad y'all are getting settled back.  Hope you have a great week!

Travis:  Dude things are good!  Ok so my comp told me about some games I wanted to ask you about?  Have you ever played Mass Effect orS Dishonored?  He said they are two of his favorite games and that I should try them when I get back?  o I thought I would let you know about them or see if you knew about them?  Yeah dude here is something you can do for me you should take a picture of the skate park or at the skate park and send it to me!:)  Dude have fun and be safe on the boys trip!   Are they widening 44 or just making it new?  Good luck on the job hunt bro I will be praying for you!  I miss and Love you to Trav!!!

G4: I want to see both of those movies way bad!!!!!  And yeah that is pretty sad about the kittens sister.  Also you got a free what???? Like a toilet drop in?  I love you Grace!

Dad:dang that High adventure sounds like a blast.  I am sorry to hear that you got popped in the head but glad to know it wasn't too bad.  Also that nothing to outrageous happened.  A couple injured packs is much better than a couple injured boys.  I hope Bishop is ok.  There was an elder here that while we were playing volley ball tweaked his neck.  He called the mission nurse over it and she told him to just take 2 Ibuprophin.  Well let's just say the mission is a big step for him.  He asked her if that was a prescription drug:p  I was rolling laughing.  He has grown a lot in the few months he has been out.  Good luck at your job I am always praying for You!  I love you dad!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

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